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I have three godaddy webmail accounts. All are setup as IMAP accounts.


I have an imac running 10.6, an ipad2 fully updated and an iphone 4 fully updated.


Mac Mail on one of these devices (I am guessing it's the imac) is deleting all messages (in inbox, sent, deleted, all boxes) after 2 weeks! This is very very very frustrating and it is going to destroy my business as I am trying to find emails from our manufacturer in China and can't go back past 2 weeks!


Godaddy claims one of our devices is deleting the emails. They are even disappearing from the server, so if I login to the webmail online, they are even gone from there! This is not good and I have done dozens of searches for help and cannot get a clear answer as to what is happening.


This happened a month ago and I was able to have godaddy recover all the lost emails and reload them. The other day they were all still in my inbox and then this morning they were all gone after 2 weeks ago!


If anyone can help please offer some advice, thanks!



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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