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    Anyone else still experience this? Could it be a specific version thats causing this?

    I work for a IT-company and we have seen multiple users with imap which suddently lost all their mail in inbox only after a certain date. This is with different imap servers and the only thing that is in common with the users is that they are using IMAP and

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    I am the original poster with this problem. This is a mac issue, end of story. GoDaddy is not the issue. The problem was a glitch with Leopard & Snow Leopard. If you upgrade to Mountain Lion you will not have this issue. I upgraded all my devices and the issue disappeared. My only device not on Mountain Lion is my old Powerbook G4 and I have that is setup on POP not IMAP and therefore does not delete anything. The new IOS keeps all the mobile devices good.


    Hope this helps people, just upgrade to mountain lion and you'll be fine.


    Thanks everyone for all the advice and help.



  • Bill Northcott Level 1 (25 points)

    I would love to think that was right but I am using Mountain Lion and have the problem.


    So more likely it is something in the upgrade process that that sorts out Mail.



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    I'm running 10.8.2 on an iMac 24 inch and have had this issue with 2 of my 4 email accounts that are running IMAP.


    I have deleted and changed u/n and pwd and still have had no luck. All emails over 1 week are deleted.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had the same problem, and I was focusing on the computer where the e-mails were disapearing.


    I was wrong.


    The issue was in another computer that was telling the server to get rid of any message it already downloaded, after one week.


    By changing the settings in my Mac Pro, I fixed a problem that was occuring in my Mac Book Pro.


    Mail / Preferences / Accounts / Mailbox Behavior


    Hope that'll help you guys.

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    Still not working at this point in time.


    I'm going to wipe all my computers (2 macbooks and 2 imac) this weekend of the email accounts, change passwords, and then add the accounts back in.


    Hopefully that resolves the issue so we shall see where that takes us.


    Ive tried everything up to this point and have looked in every forum. This has happened to lots of people and the Apple Support only told me that it was a Mailbox Rules issue.

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    I do not suffer from this problem but it us clear that turning on verbose logging of the suspected mail server is needed so delegations can be either mapped to a server daemon or mapped to the offending email client (iP address)


    I have not attempted to gain access to cloud-based, server-side logging but I now realize this feature is one more evaluation criteria on the list for my next cloud services provider RFP.

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    I have had exactly the same problem with messages deleting from my new 27" imac after about 4 weeks the emails are automatically deleted from my inbox on the mac.


    All emails are fine on my iphone, mac book pro, old 17:G4 Imac


    The advice in this thread was good, I looked back through the settings and found that my Mac Book Pro had been set up as a pop account.  When I went into the (Mail / Preferences / Accounts / Mailbox Behavior / Advanced).


    It had remove from server after downloading (one month) ticked.  This was set up before the Imac and was the problem in the mails not downloading to the machine.


    I hope this helps everyone.

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    This is unbelievable. I have been a 'Mac Guy' most of my life. I preach the ways of the Mac. This is the first time I'm saying so long to a Mac product and that's Mac Mail. I recently decided to operate me emails from Host Gator (dedicated server) through IMAP. I studied the settings. Hours online looking up the perfect combination. Initially about a day or two after setting it up on my Mac Pro (10.8.3), MacBook Pro (same) and my iPhone 4S, I noticed emails disappearing from the folders I created in IMAP. I didn't think much of it.  I found a tip online to UNCHECK the IDLE option in Advanced. I did so. Things were working beautifully. My emails were saving in the right folders and I was a happy guy.


    Until yesterday. I opened Mac Mail on my laptop and I clicked into a client folder and I saw my emails for a split second and BOOM. Gone. Disappeared. It was happening again. After reading this post, I think the consensus is that Mac doesn't have IMAP figured out yet. HostGator says it's a client issue and I actually believe them, like many of you dealing with GoDaddy. So my only option if I want to save my sanity is to revert back to MICROSOFT OUTLOOK for MAC. Are you reading this Apple? I'm going to Microsoft for something. You should be embarrassed. Years of support and I'm usinga MS product. Blech.


    I can't afford to lose one more email. I've read I could delete files in the library and set up accounts again, but I just don't have the time and I sure as heck don't want to risk losing one more email. Good luck everyone. Maybe a fix will happen sometime in a month or a year. That's just not 'Appleesque' in my book. Unacceptable.

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    A general response - not directed at anyone specific....


    I have hundres of computers at different companies using IMAP. From 10.6 to 10.8. Most using in-shouse OS X Mail Servers 10.6 through 10.8 or a Kerio Mail Server. Also a few companies using Google Business accounts with Google handleing mail. 


    I have NEVER EVER seen mail disappear with IMAP when everything is configured properly.


    I have seen mail disappear right in front of my eyes with IMAP when not confgured properly.


    Couple of reasons I can see this happening...


    1) Another computer with the same account on POP misconfigured.


    2) A mail server misconfigured.


    As for GoDaddy.... I've had plenty of delayed mail issues with them and have since stopped using GoDaddy. But even with them I had never lost any mail......

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    Well I had this problem and it was driving me crazy but you had it right with your first point.  I switched from POP to IMAP but had forgotten to disable my POP account from a laptop that we rarely use and it was set to remove messages from the server.  Problem solved!

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