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Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I have the same problem it worked flawlessly before I took update 5.0.1 I am connected to my network and have internet access but can not connect with wifi .....NOT HAPPY IN AJAX 

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    I had the same problem, following is what I did to solve my problem, hope it helps. I posted this on another thread.


    Just got my ATV3 talking to iTunes again, I can see my library and the airplay is working again.

    Here is what I did, I'm using a Win 7 pro system, not sure about Mac's but the problem could be related.

    The culprit was Bonjour, I went to control panel>administrative tools>services>Bonjour service, from there I right clicked and selected properties. Selected startup type then disabled, click apply, then set it back to automatic, apply again. Not sure if this helped but I then selected stop and restart several times (located upper left). Rebooted, started Itunes and ATV, there it was all back to normal.

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    Rob my problem was that my ATV could see my library just was not connecting, but if i plugged into ethernet no problem.  Anyway after rebuilding my wirless network from start again and rejoining the ATV to network it all works again, what's got me bugged was why the hickup after the update??


    Happy now though

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    THANKS BUT NOT FOR ME! ethernet fix the problem, but by wifi my ATV2 is seen but i cannot stream by my mac mini or see my library from ATV...but air play from my iphone is ok!

    i reinitialized my ATV2 with no results....


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    thanks but sorry i have a mac mini and i don't know how choose bonjour command...