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When I signed up for an iCloud account, all my contacts and calendar information were apparently transfered from my computer to iCloud. My older iPod Touch, that is not compatable with iCloud, could no longer see any of my calendar or contacts.


I need to put them back to my computer. I successfully put all my address book contacts back on my calendar and unchecked address book from the iCloud preferences, but the calendar is not so easly.


I tried manually going through my calendar and re-assigning events to my computer calendar, but there are thousands of events and reminders I need back. I need this information on my iPod Touch.


Is there a way I can just command iCloud to put all of my calendar events and reminders back to my computer, so I can again sync it with my ipod touch?


thanks for your help.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Mac OS X
    • Create a new empty calendar from the iCal file menu, select which account you want to create it in.
    • To copy a calendar ctrl-click on it from the menu that appears when you select the calendar button (top left corner of iCal) and choose export (export it to your desktop for ease)
    • Double click the exported file and choose the new empty calendar to import them into.
    • Ctrl-click on the original calendar from the menu that appears when you select the calendar button and choose delete.
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    Thank you Winston. Since MOST of my calendar is on iCloud, but some is on my computer (cause I started trying to fix it before I realized it was hopeless), can I integrate these two calendars again? Perhaps import the iCloud info into my computer calendar.


    Also, I'm a bit shocked that Apple took it upon themselves to delete vaste amounts of data from computer without asking me, or even telling me. Years and years worth of important calendar data.. I often work without an internet connection, so at those times, I assume my iCloud is not available to me. I just want it all back on my computer, it's mine and I don't want anything to delete it agian.



  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10
    Mac OS X

    The instructions and I detailed above, will allow you to move calendars that are designated as "iCloud" calendars to be "on my mac "calendars.


    Apple didn't delete any of your data, if any data has been deleted it will be because of the options you chose during the migration to iCloud. Admittedly a number of people have done this, and perhaps the migration process should have been clearer than what it is.

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    How do I transfer the calendars that are in my icloud account to my imac? The directions offered here by Winston Churchill appear to be exactly opposite of what I need to do.


    I see my calendars in icloud and do not need to change a thing with them. I simply want to be able to see them as they appear in icloud, on my imac. Creating a new calendar in ical does not allow me to export the calendar from icloud. As well "control clicking does not allow me to copy a calendar and then save it into the new calendar.


    Thanks for any help you may offer!