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Mac OS X

I currently sync my iPhone with iTunes over wifi. Two questions...


1) How do I make the iPhone connect to iTunes over wi-fi when I want to change something?

Currently the iPhone appears in the Devices list seemingly at random, perhaps based on some set schedule or trigger I am unaware of. I want a way to force the iPhone to connect with iTunes wirelessly on demand.


2) How do I sync apps from the iPhone to iTunes - not the other way around?

When connected to iTunes (wired or wireless) I currently have my iPhone set to NOT sync apps, as everything is synced in iCloud. I would actually like the option to organize my iPhone apps from iTunes when desired. However if I try to turn on app syncing I get a warning that iTunes will overwrite the apps on my phone with what is in iTunes. I do NOT want to do this as the collection of apps and the way they are organized in folders differs between the phone and what appears in iTunes. I want the app selection and grouping on the phone to overwrite what's in iTunes.


Note: The questions above apply to the iPad as well, and I assume the response will as well...

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1