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After upgrade software on iPhone (with iCloud) contacts on MAC (Snow Leopard) are no mre sync with iPhone....


As some time hase passed by and I did not notice it immediatly, now I have all updated contacts on iCloud and no moe on Mac;  how can I import contacts from iCloud to Mac contacts in snow leopard?


Thanks for help !!!!





PS sorrry, previous question was a mistake

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Reply by Roger Wilmut1 on May 20, 2012 2:16 AM Helpful
At http://icloud.com go to the Contacts page. Select all your contacts, click the cogwheel icon at bottom left and select 'Export vCard'.  Now open Address Book on your Mac. From the File menu choose 'Import' and select your exported file. Of course if it contains entries which are also on the Mac you will get duplicates.

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