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This is a thread I read in many sites on the net but I'd like to know if someone would have an idea to fix the problem


I have  a friend who wanted to sell me her IBOOK G3 800mhz 14 inch , when I tried it it was running perfect except a bit slow.. then she called me later on to tell me the screen went black and she already gave it to repair cos it comes from the video card.


I did what I read on forums etc.. on google. Applied metal parts under the GPU which runs very hot like the Wallstreet powerbook (the piece of art) . The screen then started to blink trying to switch on. I even had it blinking with straight color lines...


Pressing the side of the Track pad won't do anything at all


I started it with the T mode on my cube and it works perfect! I even Techtooled it but I can't do the test with video etc since I'm using the cube. SO the comp works fine.


My question is after I tried most things have u got other tries before I dessassemble it completely?! is the screen dead or just a part of the motherboard cos if it's working without the screen...


when turned on every keys works and wait for u to type the password. The only ones that don't work are the bright ones (since it's related to the screen)


thanks for reading.

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    Have you tried resetting the PMU?



    Perhaps the shim you placed was a bit too large? The specific suggestion is to use a Scotch mounting square instead of metal for the shim.


    [Y]ou can often fix this yourself by removing the iBook's bottom housing, and placing a shim of any sort, about 1mm to 1.5mm thick, onto the raised square on the bottom shield. I use a Scotch mounting square--you can get them in hardware stores and many grocery stores. When you reinstall the bottom case, it will press against this shim, which will press against the graphics chip, and may allow the chip to come into better contact with the logic board.


    John Sawyer CJS Macintosh


    Repair Instructions for removing the lower case:

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    Hail Ronda,


    I saw u told the same thing as Apple on my post I found on the net and of course it doesn't do anything at all.


    Those reset haven't solved many things on Mac...


    I cut out pieces making it a bit larger than the square on the GPU and replacing the case is just not doing the thing since I always get nervous to take it out each time.


    I got all the IFIX IT docs thanks. when I come here generally is cos I don't find the answer to solve my problem.


    I'm not an expert but I open Macs for a long time now. I read many have difficulties to solve that issue and even Apple did a recall to the tech center for that matter few years ago.


    I'll try to get that Scotch mounting square u're talking about and I'll let u know.


    thanks for your feedback

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    It could be that the logic board will have to be replaced.


    It could also be that the backlight cable has broken or the reed switch is stuck (not uncommon occurrences, and fairly easy fixes).


    It could be the display data cable.:



    or if it's gone completely black, it could be the inverter:


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    hey thanks for those info, yeah I tried to get something under the gpu without buying anything but it's not the solution cos it would work on pressing.


    i too looked onto the Ifixit posts and it's as usual not easy since several things can be the problem


    the screen is not completely black it tries to start light flashin!


    I found very cheap inverters on ebay but i already got troubles to open the screen ahha the screws are too small..


    supposed it's not the inverter since it's not black and then it has worked perfectly.


    the display cable is expensive!


    thanks I'll have to choose to buy the cable first



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    oh just took the memory off,replaced the battery and set it on the table .


    the screen now has violet , black and grey lines!!! the light on the side of the opening button screen is lit like a sleeping computer!!!!

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    I would suggest replacing the inverter cable and reed switch assembly first:



    They are out of stock on them, but as long as you have the part number, you can enter it in a Google search box and get results from other places.


    I found this one:



    Make sure they will guarantee that it is not dead on arrival. (Most places will offer a 90-day or 6-month warranty on a used part.)


    Good luck.

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    wow thanks so much for your support!!! man u're knowledgable about it ;P


    I'll try that n keep u posted




    mac friend

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    I hope that's all it takes. This is the most commonly encountered problem.

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    Hey Ronda,  I bought  the inverter reed cable as u advised but it doesn't change a thing!!! the screen is blinking trying to start. SO I'll go for the first advice about the display inverter I should have bought first cos very hard to find compare to the reed cable which is easy to get new.


    ps; maybe it's related but now the comp is opened without all the screws and aluminuim plates I realise as I thought the fan start up with the comp and stop straight away


    keep u posted, finally I may pay the price my friend wanted to sell me the comp for to repare it if those parts are really the answer


    thanks again

  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 (41,205 points)

    So sorry that didn't do it.


    Please do let us know when you figure out what the trouble was and how you fixed it.

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    hey, replaced the Inverter display board received from IFIXIT.


    dessassembling the screen is a nightmare and I destroyed one head screw of the clutch cover so I can't replace the cables into place... then now it seems cables are too long...


    nothing has changed!!! the two changes haven't done anything the screen light up on the bottom or violet straight lines appears and desappear slowly to dark screen!!!


    I think the screen is dead (samsung...)


    I don't see what could it be! the inverter cable reed is new and the inverter board is tested as working from IFIXIT so I don't have a clue what's next as the HD is working fine and the problem comes from the screen only.


    thanks for your help but at this point I don't think there is a need to waste more money this wasn't a good made from apple and I knew it since I already dessassembled a G4 Ibook and all the things I read about that comp. It's sad that apple sold these for expensive prices when it's all plastic sensitive light device.


    don't think it's made for long life.


    thanks my wallstreet and clamshell are perfect working order and although batteries don't last you can open them they still work


    I'm desappointed I couldn't repair it


    I got spear cables for nothing...



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    That iBook is nearly ten years old. Lots of people are still using their iBook G4s, just as you are using your Wall Street and clamshell models. Users usually just don't come here and say, "Woo-hoo! My iBook G4 works." No, they come here looking for solutions to problems. Sometimes we can help; but sometimes we can't. We are disappointed when things don't work out, too. But things do wear out.

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    ahha yeah thanks, of course they don't come here for that stuff although back then in the early 2000 the support as been a forum of any stupid things that fortunetly apple cleaned up!


    I just meant that this comp is known for troubles and what u told me should have fixed the problem since they aren't many replaceable device in that machine. Basically apart from cables and the screen you have one HD, CDdVD player and a tiny motherboard u can't even solder on it...


    I don't think changing the small powercard would do anything cos I suggest there is a component that is tired since the comp works fine but I realized it's better with the powercord and the replaced non apple battery on together


    anyway thanks, I'll keep on tryin moving cables incase one is defaulting.. the first time I got the box and the comp doesn't work lol



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    If it's still working, just not without the display, you could always hook it up to an external monitor if you really need to use it. This assumes that the port to do that is still working.

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