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I have purchased these 2 songs on my iPhone and now i want to put them into my library on my PC. But these 2 songs, which I have purchased resently, are showing up like this and i am unable to play them. As you can see, the color of the songs are more matt and gray, compared to the black test of the others. And notice the syncing icon on the left (it is not spinning)..? It is like if they are sort of inactive songs in my library.. Any ideas?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    Authorize the computer, remove the music, and try re-dwonloading from the iTunes store!


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    I forgot to upload this image xD

    Nvm, I purchased the songs from my iPhone, and therefore it only shows up when i plugin my phone and i see under device > Purchased > and there they are... Hope this helps to understand

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    You should be able to log into the iTuens store in iTunes on the computer, and underneath where you signed in with have a section called "Quick Links" and there should be an option called "purchased" with a little blue symbol labeled "new". If you go into there, you should be able to see the music you purchased! If you can locate yourself there, try removing the song, than go into that purchased section and try re-downloading! that shoud do it

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    I have tried that, but it didn't work... When i go into "purchased", a "Books" tab appears and a "Apps" tab appears, but the "Music" tab is not there...? And I'm am sure that it's purchased with this Apple ID; I've recieved an email, and i can see it when I go under my account info, and then go and see the recent purchases Hope this helped to clear things a bit.

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    I have just had similar problem. Firstly I had to Authorise new laptop.  (By pressing Alt + S at same time then selecting Authorise this computer)  I then had to drag tracks across individually to make a new playlist.  This new playlist then synced across to new ipod.  Very Tedious & Slow but it worked.  All of the other replies/advice i have come across on similar posts did not work, such as checking and unchecking various things then clicking apply and tryoing a full restore, none of them workied..  but making a new playlist has worked Ok for me as I only had 50 songs (Yes im sad) i know some have 1000s of tracks and movies etc.  Anyway off now to tidy the house...