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  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I am running neither.


    I have decided to try first to remove MobileIron again, do a software restore and use a backup of 3 weeks ago. To do that, I have to know where the iPad backups are stored on my iMacs disk,  then go to my backup system (not TimeMachine) and get the backup of the iPad backup in place.


    Where does iTunes store the iPad backup?

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2   this should point you in the right direction, I am a Vista man myself.


    With reference to my last post - the cause of the crashes you are experiencing is due to the first item listed after 'panic' which is the kernel reporting a problem - the panic initiates a close down of open processes to protect the file system.  The mediaserved item is the one to investigate.  Backing up, usyncing apps (all)  and testing as you add a few back at a time is about all I can suggest at this stage.

    Regards, Ct

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Well, it seems to be either a hardware problem or a iOS 5.1.1 problem.


    I restored the iPad, I only added my local WiFi to it, no iCloud, no Apple ID, no apps, no music, nothing. Apart from having a connection to my WiFi the iPad is clean.


    I started browsing: with some sub pages, with some subpages and I got kicked back to the home screen after a few pages.


    Settings -> About -> Diagnostics & Usage Data gives me 4 crash reports for the ReportCrash process (the process that is supposed to handle crash reporting crashes itself). All 4 within 21 seconds.

    #1 pid 115, SIGKILL thread 0

    #2 pid 117, SIGKILL thread 0

    #3 pid 118, SIGABRT thread 5

    #4 pid 121, SIGBUS thread 4


    My conclusion, it seems that my iPad is broken, probably memory.

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    Hi, thanks - not memory - its a process kill bsed on an assertion - probably mishandled library code.

    Can you paste and send the last crash reports in entirety - you certainly need to be able to identify threads 4 and 5.

    also can you please do or confirm a factory restore only - not  one from backup as this may contain the corrupt library code execution.  There are (from reference research) several conditions that can exist to cause the sigkill. the sigabert and and sigbus are pointers to where the effect is being felt.  Whether the condition has already broken the ipad is hard to determine at the moment - the process kill would seem to indicate the iOS is capable of exiting and protecting the file system.

    A clean Factory restore would help determing if your ipad is OK.

    Depending on your iMac and iOS, ie LION etc there may be an installed copy, or calling routine for restoring already on your PC.  You need to locate and delete this first -- so a brand new restore file is fetched from the servers.

    In addition (I am not familiar with the total process required) but it would seem sensible to have all previous copies of SC (Securty fille) and PLISTs removed first - If its like reinstalling windows on top of a previous copy, it will merely rewrite to previous stored locations - if the files are already present - it will ignore them and treat them as OK - you need to avoid this.  I would suggest contacting Apple Technical Support and send them your crash logs.  Tell them you want to a factory restore + remove any system files on your MAc that relate to the ipad's iOS that are being stored so you can start fresh.

    You will also need to know how to back up all your database files for the ipad.

    Because you have a Mac, there may be a program available that can examine your backup and or library files(particularly the Safari process) to help determine the cause.

    Because of the crash returns you have described I am now in uncharted territory, other than to give a possible course of action based on the premise "If it was my system and my Vista PC, what would I do next'.

    Without the necessary experience of debugging iOS, I do not think I can do much more to help you at this point.


    If any one is following this thread and knows iOS coding and likely causes of Kernel 'fatal' exceptions and wants to jump in - or has knowledge of this scenario - please feel free to jump in anytime.

    With best wishes and a sincere hope you can find a solution, Nick

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I have removed


    ~/Library/iTunes/iPad Software Updates/iPad2,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore.ipsw

    ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup


    and did a reset without restore, loation services, icloud, in iTunes no syncing of anything, the works. I added my WiFi network. I started browsing. So far, so good.


    I added mail settings sync in iTunes and synced. Apart from some passwords, everything was fine. Browsing still seems to work.


    I am going on restoring apps and testing. A lot of work. But finally some progress.

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I was too early with my post. Immediately afterwards I did:

    - unset the mail accounts sync option in iTunes

    - hit apply (the iPad was still tethered

    iTunes said something about writing or overwriting


    Then I started Mail on th eiPad. First I got a dark screen. After some tries I got mail back and it seemed OK. Then I started Safari. I got an empty screen. I had to do a hard reset. After the hard reset, I looked at DIagnostics & Usage data, but there was nocrash report, only a ResetCounter-2012-05-26-183506.plist which contains:


    Incident Identifier: D9ACB5C6-E99B-4421-8F6B-9146C6447202

    CrashReporter Key:   4c24787bd6529b10b178150bf20b6e53ccb8bd3d

    Date: 2012-05-26 18:35:06 +0200

    Reset count: 1

    Boot failure count: 0

    Boot faults:

    Boot stage: 255

    Boot app: 0


    Sigh. I have no idea what is going wrong where here but I'm stuck with a unusable iPad.


    I am starting to suspect iOS 5.1.1 in general. Can I download an earlier version somewhere?

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    I'm absolutely sure ( the change of sync op on mail is only for settings on a one time sync with the option set below on the Info page) that mail had anything to do with this. When you did the sync afterwards and bearing in mind it is a two way operation, it finishes by updating Safari Safe Browsing data.

    I would suggest the following:


    Set up a 'new' SuperUser (Administrator) account on your mac. Next step would seem to be to isolate the existing itunes installation data and files from any further diagnostic and troubleshooting process. Either a corruption within the library locations, or, and I am beginning to suspect it is global, I.E. A corruption within the shared program files could be the possible cause.   first step is to isolate current iTunes installs, then - if that fails - returning all your Apple ipad related software to factory condition on your mac, followed by clean updates and reinstalls on all connected equipment.


    On a windows machine this would include files found in the iTunes, iPod, Apple, and Apple Computer, Apple Software Update (possibly) and most likely Safari, folders within root folders such as C:\Programs, Programs\Common Files, and Program Data.

    -   As an afterthought and because I am a little bit unsure to your exact setup, unistalling bonjour and reinstalling would also be something worth doing. Since this is apple's networking support package for various functions).  Safari should also be uninstalled at this stage.  See suggestion below pertaining to reinstallation.


    Reboot after the uninstalls to clean up any system locked files and kernel mode drivers. (note on windows a second reboot is also necessary to rewrite new registry user and machine hives, because they cache the last write back for "Last known good' configurations when a machine fails to start correctly).  You should also check to ensure any program root folders for each uninstall do not leave any files behind after the clean-up - sometimes they do.


    After the uninstalls, run a proprietery Rootkit, Virus and Malware scanner to ensure your system is clean (or as clean as you can at this point).  Pay particular attention to any third party software or material you have recently downloaded prior to the problem occuring.


    Then try the new user approach to isolate installations from anything previous related to your current setup with iunes and your ipad - though uninstalling iTunes, bonjour, Application support, Safari (elect to keep personal data if prompted - this may be useful later) Uninstall in the current user account, set up and reinstall in the new user account.


    Libraries (data only, ie Movies, Music, etc - not apps or recent photos) can be reimported afterwards when you finally get a working configuration up and running.  Download new installation files for each, since install routines usually look for installation files on your machine first, which as a mac user you will certainly have, if they have come as preinstalled software.''


    You are making progress - its fair to say based on what you have done so far that it's not your pad, or your iOS but, I suspect, something is being refreshed within sync against your existing Itunes and Mac user account. Since you kept icloud off, your Mac file system seems to be the most likely candidate.  Safari has affected (or been affected) by something in some way, though whether it is localised to only Safari or has changed some code elsewhere is difficult to say without a full diagnostic debug on the whole of the sync process following reinstallation of iOS.  Considering the mass of code involved this is not really feasible).


    i still have at the back of my mind that the problem may actually have been caused by something on your Mac initially, that then synced accross - such as Bookmarks or possibly embedded in a photo etc.

    Whatever you do, whilst troubleshooting, try not to overlook ensuring no existing info is resynced to the new set-up - such as Mac stored safari Bookmarks, downloaded photo's, music, etc that did not come from Apple.

    Both iOS 5.1 and 5.1.1 dealt with security issues pertaining to specially crafted code injections from links within certain web pages.  It is quite possible that whatever has caused your problem. may well be still present on your Mac.

    Best Regards, Ct

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Thanks for helping, but I am now quickly losing hope this can be solved by me. Maybe if I spent weeks on it, but I do not have weeks.


    I am pretty sure that my account was not infected, unless I could get infected by visiting pages like CNN, AppleInsider and stuff like that, I never visit dodgy sites (well, maybe recently when I was searching for information on downloads of previous iOS versions, but that was after I got into trouble). I do not know, of course, what other users on my iMac have done. But: all user accounts (including mine) do not have administrator rights (there is a separate admin account for that, which is never used to visit anything on the web either, maybe just these Apple forums. None of the other users have the admin password and I never install anything, unless I have initiated the download myself (i.e. I never say yes on any update popup screen like that from Flash, I then go to the Adobe site myself and perform a download and install).


    Also, on a Mac, I don't think I can separately de-install Safari. I can of course restore my iMac. But given that the accounts are accounts held on a local Mac OS X Server with portable home directories on the clients, it will get me my account back just as it was. It will of course reset all the system software. But I tink it is highly unlikely that that woul dbe the culprit for this very specific iOS behaviour. What I can imagine is that some data is synced that is corrupted (e.g. if I set my iPad up as a new iPad it does a first sync of which the last step is getting Safari safe browsing data). That was the situation I had of which my impression was that there was no problem.


    What I wold love to know is how I can my Mac account cleaned up so that it holds no iPad/iOS related data whatsoever. But I'm afraid there is no way to guarantee that. Even if I would succeed, I want to attach my iTunes to my iCloud Music Match and iCloud syncing, as a result, what else can be synced to my iPad?


    So far, it seems my setup is broken in such a way that no iOS device will ever function with it. Starting again with my account is not an option, I will have to restore data from a backup to a server account and then sync dat to my PHD on the system.


    I have no again restored the iPad and set every kind of syncing and such off. It is now as pristine as I can get it from my own account. I am going to test web browsing over a longer period first.

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    OS-X Server!! mmm, makes things interesting.  have you run server diagnostics on the portable clients - I assume they have off-line support?  Can this be set to full active sync on connect, so all profiles are up to date after next log-in/log off? 

    Then have diagnostics run a scan on the server side- followed by a separate scan for eaach portable client side account (including both our plain user and Admin log-in's, the latter will be necessary if it is seperate server aand shared protable client machine set up - ie your Admin account is used to log in to the server side remptely to administer.


    If problems only exist on your user account you can then rule out the common program directories for services and applications.

    To help further it will be neessary to  confirm whether you are running os-X server from the affected machine, or, as part of a home or remote network running on another machine, to which your imac connects.

    Can you also confirm whether the Server set-up is your side of your corporate network fence, or their side, accessed through the VPN profile you had on originally.


    Regards, Ct

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I am running 10.6.8 Server (I don't trust 10.7 Server as it has been dumbed down considerably wrt 10.6.8 and I have read about too many problems) with 10.7 clients on a local network.


    BTW, it's official now: I reset the iPad, I set it up as a new iPad. I do not restore anything, I leave all options on syncing and cloud and such off. I do not add anything. And after a bit of web browsing, Safari hangs. There is a Safari crash plist, but it is not accessible.


    I reboot the iPad, it takes ages and does not boot (progress disk only). It goes dark again. I boot again. Now there is also a panic crash report plist fro the failed boot attempt:

    Incident Identifier: 417A954D-7355-4BB1-87B1-33FFA006AF2D

    CrashReporter Key:   4c24787bd6529b10b178150bf20b6e53ccb8bd3d

    Hardware Model:      iPad2,1

    Date/Time:       2012-05-28 10:08:43.899 +0200

    OS Version:      iPhone OS 5.1.1 (9B206)


    CRC ERR!

    My conclusion: memory problem. This device has been running fine for a year. The problems started about 4 weeks ago. I'll have to take it back to the store.

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    Cyclic Redundancy Check error - interesting.  Blue Screen of Death on the old WinXP.   There's a hang on a SCB (Service Control Block) somewhere.  Usually caused by a Debug hang orpahaning a child process from a parent process - the parent cannot call the child to complete the load because the Debug has not let go of it. - most likely cause by a debug operation closing in an unusual fashion.

    Question for Apple Technical - where does the ipad store Profiles.  Within the iOS folder on the root - or on a separate folder, also on the root.  Deleting the Profile if this is the case should solve the problem.

    The profile will have Safari (Qtime/Bonjour.. possibly) listed; if the profile is corrupt then every time safari loads the corrupt profile will be called - result system hang, followed by fatal crash as the system tries to prevent damage to the File System.

    You said you had done a restore without the 'Iron' thing loaded - problem is, is the original profile still residing on the pad.  If it is (suspect it is) then any network call where it has a process affiliated with it will crash that process too.

    Safari is US but Opera is OK?

    I would suggest having your ipad hooked up to an Admin console that can interrogate the root file system to see what's lurking about on it.

    The memory module could be affected, but with only network calls seemingly affected I would be inclined to go with a corrupt file/folder.  But it is your call, and considering the amount of time you have spent on it - if it is under a warranty that is probably the best course of action.

    Just sorry I was not able to help you find a solution.

    Best wishes and hope a replacement proves to be as trouble free as you would wish.  Thankyou for all your feedback and your time Gerben throughout the thread.

    Best wishes as ever


  • andy.l12 Level 1 Level 1

    i got an ipad that has a problem. a very weird problem.

    apple store,setting, music,itune, youtube and etc that can't be cancelled has all disapeared

    it jsut happened a few days ago.

    how do u actually fix it?

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