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All of a sudden, in Lion only, messages with attachments in Apple Mail are being shown as raw source, and I can't extract the attachments (and I can barely read the message). Here's an excerpt that shows what I mean:



Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

Content-Disposition: inline;


Content-Type: image/png;


Content-Id: <CF71EAE0-CDBB-4866-9ACD-1387EACD3EE4>





And so on. That's a PNG image attached to the message, but I can't extract the image. There's no way to get a different view of the message; none of alternatives under View > Message are enabled. If I use a different computer, running Snow Leopard, I can receive this same message and it displays normally (with the image shown inline) and I can extract the attachment. What might be the cause of this? Thanks.