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How do I move my pictures to photo stream on my iPad?  I want to be able to view them on Apple tv.  (I am using iCloud).


Thanks already - for taking the time to help me!

iPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    Settings>iCloud>Photo Stream>On. Photos that you take on the iPad will mow appear in the Photo Stream but previously taken photos will not - at least I believe that is how it works. The new photos appear after you turn on Photo Stream.

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    That's really good to hear for the next photos I will be taking - but is there any way to move the older pictures I've taken to the photo stream?



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    I don't use the Photo Steam feature of iCloud. But from what I remember reading, the photos that were already on the device will not be available in iCloud, only the photos that you take with the iPad moving forward.


    Read this and take note of the section "when do my photos upload to Photo Stream"?



    I might be reading it wrong, but it makes it sound like new photos are uploaded not existing photos.

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    I'm going to try to just reload my pictures - hopefully that will do the trick.


    Thanks for your time.

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    If you have iPhoto '11 and your iCloud account configured on a Mac, select the photos you want to go into your photo stream in iPhoto, select the Share menu, and you should be able to send those photos to Photostream.

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    Thanks!  I will sure give that a shot.  I appreciate your help!

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    Here is a workaround, but only works for few pictures, you will understand why...


    After enable Photo Stream, go to your old pictures in your iPad and take an screenshot of them, automatically you'll have a copy uploaded to your Photo Stream.

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    ColCarlos, Thank you, this worked perfectly. I've been struggling with getting old photos from iPhoto on my older MacBook into PhotoStream. Your helped solved my issue.

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    You don't need to move the photos to Photo Stream (where they will only be for 30 days) to view them on the AppleTV.

    They will show up under your library on the AppleTV.

    In iTunes, go to menu Advanced > Choose Photos to Share... and select what you want to view on the AppleTV.


    Then on the AppleTV, select Photos./___sbsstatic___/migration-images/194/19492303-1.jpg


    Photo Stream is designed as a simple way to sync back to your main photo library (which is on your computer) with the option to allow viewing and syncing to other devices.

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    Thanks for reply. I have done this and it doesn't work. I'm thinking it is because by MacBook is old. I'm running OS 10.5.8 and I think that may be the issue. I'm asking Santa for a new MacBook:) I love my MacBook and it works great, it just can't do some of the latest greatest stuff.

    I'm going to keep experimenting and trying different things and see if any work.

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    BCGramma wrote:


    Thanks for reply. I have done this and it doesn't work. I'm thinking it is because by MacBook is old.

    Did you enable Home Sharing using the same AppleID on your AppleTV and iTunes on the MacBook?

    See this -> http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4352

    Did you link the AppleTV to iTunes on your MacBook?

    Also, you need to have iTunes running on the MacBook to view it on the AppleTV.


    Do you see any of the content on the AppleTV from your MacBook iTunes library?

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    Yes I can see my iTunes Library.

    I just got it to work. I now see all the photos in PhotoStream. I went to Settings, Screen Saver, Photos, (chose PhotoStream again) chose preview and then saw them all. I don't have a clue why this worked, but it did so I'm not going to question it.

    Thanks for all your help and concern.

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    BCGramma wrote:


    Yes I can see my iTunes Library.

    I just got it to work. I now see all the photos in PhotoStream.

    The info I posted above has nothing to do with Photo stream.

    These photos in Photo Stream will disappear after they have been in Photo Stream for 30 days.


    You should see the photos from your computer on the AppleTV in Computers > BCGramma's Library > Photos.

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    new iPad user here.  I copied photos and movies to desktop windows using Windows.  Now I want to restore to the IPad a couple of the movies.  The instructions say connect the ipad (I did), open iTunes, (I did),  Under devices click on photos but under iPad but photos ain't there.


    Also, before I install os6, I need to copy or add purchased apps to iTunes - HOW?.  This stuff is clear as mud.


    Having fun here.  Thanks in advance.