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I took the iPod Touch 4G apart to change the LCD and Digitizer, I carefully did it, and put the new screen on, but then I got the,"White screen of Death". I didn't worry too much, and did a hard reset, now the iPod won't respond at all, I've tried putting it in DFU, doing another hard reset, I think of I've done it all. The screen doesn't cpleome on, and the iPod wont even make the charge sound when I plug it in.  My computer won't even recognize the iPod as being in DFU or anything.  It was working before I changed the screen, and after as well. After I  did the hard reset it stopped working all together. No dummies saying,"  Buy a new one.." Or,"Take it to Apple" for easy points. Is there any thing else I can do, or even, what caused this? And is there a fix? Thanks.

iPod touch, iOS 5, Windows 7