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Ok, I have spent about 50 hours creating a great slideshow for my daughter's graduation.  The photos are choreographed to match up to the words in the music.  The music track consists of several songs, spliced together.  The SOUNDtrack is 12 minutes 25 seconds.  The photos match up perfectly to the soundtrack.  I just purchased an updated version of iDVD, as someone in this forum suggested, since I am working with Lion OS and the older version of iDVD was no longer working.  Installted the new iLife/iDVD, went to send the slideshow to iDVD, and instead of playing for 12:25, it SPEEDS UP the show to only go 12:14.  All the photos show, but nothing matches now, to the soundtrack.  WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?  Also, once I send it to iDVD, HOW to I actually BURN a DVD?  I REALLY NEED HELP FAST.  This is extremely frustrating.  And my daughter's graduation is this coming weekend, and with so much to do to prepare I don't have a lot more time to mess with this.  If I can't get it burned properly to a DVD I will end up dragging my iMac to the party and showing it on that, which I would hate to do.  PLUS many people want copies.  PLEASE somebody, HELP ME!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    You're going to hate this answer, but you're using the wrong app to make the slideshow. iPhoto is not desinged for that kind of fine cutting against the music.


    Alternatives to iPhoto's slideshow include:


    iMovie, on every Mac sold.


    Others, in order of price: PhotoPresenter  $29

    PhotoToMovie  $49.95

    PulpMotion  $129

    FotoMagico $29 (Home version) ($149 Pro version, which includes PhotoPresenter)

    Final Cut Pro X $299


    It's difficult to compare these apps. They have differences in capability - some are driven off templates. some aren't. Some have a wider variety of transitions. Others will have excellent audio controls. It's worth checking them out to see what meets your needs. However, there is no doubt that Final Cut Pro X is the most capable app of them all. You get what you pay for.


    The iDVD forum will help you on burning



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    Ok, so I haven't spent that many hours, but it's still just as frustrating!  I just want to take the iPhoto slideshow and burn it to a DVD without having to export to this, save to this, pull it in this program and then use Disk Utility to burn it and imbed this!  UGH.  I guess I'm an idiot.  This is one of the reasons why I bought a Mac, it's supposed to be much more user friendly.  I've googled it and everything, Does anyone have step by step directions on how to make this happen?  Mine is only 75 pictures.  It's not very long and I haven't done all the work that this poor dad did for his daughters graduation.  Did you get it done, by the way??? 


    Thanks to all who offer help!  I really do appreciate it!



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    ive made some pretty decent slideshows in iMovie as well, which is free

    but yeah there are much better programs out there.


    as to why the timing is off, could honestly be just because it was done in iphoto, its got that issue occasionally.

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    Wensar, yes I DID get it done, but it was a nightmare.  After hearing back from people on this forum, I came to the conclusion that there was no hope of iPhoto working properly.  But I had already put in countless hours making the slideshow and syncing the music.  When I played it back on the computer, it was perfectly synced but of course, upon buring the dvd, it would change randomly each time a dvd was burned.  Since I had everything in iPhoto already, what I did was play around with it for about 100 hours, changing the slide duration on individual slides throughout.  Then burned test dvds.  When doing this, the syncing of the slide show on the computer was off, badly, but eventually, with much trial and error, I got it to sync on the dvd.  This is incredibly hard to do, because you can't see the results as you work on the computer, you have to "guess" blindly, and won't know until you burn the dvd.  Apple does so many things well.  But THIS is not one of them.  iPhoto is the WRONG program to use if you want to be precise.  I have one more daughter graduating, in two years.  I'll do another dvd for her, as I have for all my kids.  But I will choose a different program to create it.  I even upgraded my version of iPhoto and iDVD, to no avail.  This project was hard enough to create and make work on the computer, but you can't imagine the frustration, when I had it just right on the computer to THEN discover that it would be out of sync, randomly, upon buring the dvd and have to blindly change and adapt the slide duration and guess many MANY times to try to get the syncing right on the final product.  I would expect more from Apple.  They really let me down here -- it was as bad as installing Lion and then finding out many of my software programs no longer worked on Lion -- and Apple never said anything about this in advance, before installling Lion.  Watch out for THAT snafu too!  Steve Jobs, we miss you!!

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    There are many ways to produce slide shows using iPhoto, iMovie or iDVD and some limit the number of photos you can use (iDVD has a 99 chapter (slide) limitation).


    If what you want is what I want, namely to be able to use high resolution photos (even 300 dpi tiff files), to pan and zoom individual photos, use a variety of transitions, to add and edit music or commentary, place text exactly where you want it, and to end up with a DVD that looks good on both your Mac and a TV - in other words end up with and end result that does not look like an old fashioned slide show from a projector - you may be interested in how I do it. You don't have to do it my way, but the following may be food for thought!


    Firstly you need proper software to assemble the photos, decide on the duration of each, the transitions you want to use, and how to pan and zoom individual photos where required, and add proper titles. For this I use Photo to Movie. You can read about what it can do on their website:




    (Other users here use the alternative FotoMagico:  http://www.boinx.com/fotomagico/homevspro/ which you may prefer - I have no experience with it.)


    Neither of these are freeware, but are worth the investment if you are going to do a lot of slide shows. Read about them in detail, then decide which one you feel is best suited to your needs.


    Once you have timed and arranged and manipulated the photos to your liking in Photo to Movie, it exports the file to iMovie  as a DV stream. You can add music in Photo to Movie, but I prefer doing this in iMovie where it is easier to edit. You can now further edit the slide show in iMovie just as you would a movie, including adding other video clips, then send it to iDVD 7, or Toast,  for burning.


    You will be pleasantly surprised at how professional the results can be!


    To simply create a slide show in iDVD 7 onwards from images in iPhoto or stored in other places on your hard disk or a connected server, look here:



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    I would do it in Adobe Premiere.  I use  it for all of our family videos.  It is not cheap but Adobe has a 30 day fully functional demo license.  It is a very good semi-professional video editing application.  One of its features being able to incoporate still images into vides.  If it can do that, it could certainly create a slideshow from still images.  You can import as many pictures as you want into a timeline, select how long you want each to display, then mix music with it (in fact you can mix several music tracks and create transitions).  If you organize everything the way you want it, then you can preview it and create a movie in any format you want ie. Xvid.  Xvid will play on any modern DVD player.

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    iMove has pretty much all the same features and comes on your Mac.

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    I've tried to export a slideshow from iphoto to a usb numerous times and it keeps coming out with blank spots. The music still plays, but there will be randon minutes with no pictures. They're being skipped. Burning onto a cd rendered the same results.


    Any suggestions as to what I can do to make this not happen?

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    If you have an old copy of the iLIfe 06 disk install iMovie 6 HD and use it. It's by far the best iMovie verson for use with iDVD and for fine tuning multiple audio tracks to slides or videos.



    It also sends the best quality video to iDVD than any of the other iMovie versions.


    Happy Holidays