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Is the Verizon LTE iPad NOT designed to activate and deactivate the 4G service?  I used the service for a month, then deactivated it.  Now, my SIM card has been fried and Verizon makes it very difficult to reinstate the Pre Paid plan although they are more than willing to have you sign up for a long term plan,  I am very very disappointed with the Verizon iPad and now I wish I purchased the AT&T iPad.

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    I have had the same problems. The people at Verizon were clueless as were the geniuses at the Apple store.

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    When you want to deactivate witout burning the SIM card you have to choose "delete account later".  It cancels the autopay,s o you finish out your cycle/data and your done until you sign up for a plan again.  If you choose "delete account now" the SIM is burned and you have to get a replacement, which can be painful and your experience vaies by the store you go to.  I posted more details on activation in the thread linked below.




    (Like if anything helps)

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    Called Verizon about similar concern - how to stop the autopay.  Was told that deactivating the account would cancel the SIM and require a new one.  Was also told that I could deactivate the auto-pay, but the account would be cancelled after 4 inactive months.  What happened to the convenience of being able to pay only for the months you use it?  (I only want to activate it when I'm traveling, as I get no cell service where I live.)