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Hi, I'm trying to find a cable to connect a 3.5mm external lapel microphone to the iphone4.  There are threads which mention a KV Connections cable, but some people seem to have had problems with this. Anyone actually successfully using their iphone4 with an external 3.5mm mic?  cheers. crispy

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    3.5mm minijack std. is output only the mic is a 3th ring on the connector in apples case there is no std that many use

    so you got 3 options

    1. canabalize an apple headset and connect ground and the mic wire from the cut cable to a female connector for the 3.5mm

    2. fall over somebody who make the 1 and sell them

    3. by random luck find somebody else who invented the same std as apple use for adding the mic input to an output 3.5 mini stereo jack