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I've downloaded too many songs from my iCloud account.  How can I delete them from the iPhone but still keep them in the list of available tracks?


Also, how can I just stream the songs on my iPhone that are in my iCloud account without actually downloading them?


Thank you so much for your help!

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    iCloud does not support streaming, you can manually unsync the songs from your phone that you dont want by using iTunes (uncheck sync entire music library, then check the albums you want to sync to the phone)


    remember a computer is a requirement for an iPhone4 iTunes will store the extra content you dont have room for on your phone!

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    I should add that I also have iTunes Match.  Is this relevant for the streaming issue?  I thought I could stream songs on my iPhone without downloading them from the iCloud.

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    Ah, you have iTunes match? great! then yep you can stream from the cloud


    all the info you need!


    but i must also add, its only true streaming on AppleTV and iMac, if your using an iPhone/iPod it streams while the song is downloading, then you have to unsync it afterwards. Long drawn out process but if you keep your sync settings complete, you can unsync the streaming music just by plugging in your phone

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    I still don't understand how to remove songs I've downloaded onto my iPhone from iMatch/iCloud.  When I plug my iPhone 4S into my iMac or MacBook Pro, I see that I'm way over capacity, but I don't see how I can selectively remove songs to bring the capacity to normal.   When I click on the "Music" tab in the iTunes screen, I see a sign that says "iTunes Match is on" but no way to selectively uncheck songs/albums/artists.

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    click on your iphones name on the left under devices in iTunes


    look at the top where it says summary info tones music....


    click on music and see where it says "sync music" check that, and UNCHECK where it says "Sync Entire Music Library" then just click on the albums/artists you want to sync


    anything on your phone that is unchecked in itunes will be deleted

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    This doesn't work.  The only thing it says under "iTunes Match is on" under "Music" is "[my name]'s iPhone can access music in iCloud.  Songs can be downloaded and played via Wi-Fi or a cellular network."  The only thing to check is "Sync voice memos From Playlists."  There is NO way to uncheck individual songs/albums/artists.

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    dont goto itunes match, look do it like this

    1. open iTunes

    2. connect phone to computer with usb cable

    3. click on the phones name on the left under devices

    4. you should see a page open in iTunes with a picture of a phone with some information, above that with some options at the top.

    5. click music

    6. make sure Sync Music is checked

    7. UNCHECK sync entire music library if it is checked and click which albums you want to sync

    8. if there is no music listed then the music is not on your computer in your itunes library and needs to be downloaded to the computer first



    if u prefer a different method just swipe over each song you dont want and remove it.

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    Nope, this does not work.  There is no music library that shows up, even though there is plenty of music on both my computer & iPhone.


    Guess I'll have to call Apple directly.  Rats.

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    If you go to General Settings/Music in you device (iPad or iPhone) you can uncheck the "Show all Music" control. This will limit what's shown to downloaded music on your device ONLY. Simply delete it all then check "Show all Music again. Best way that I've found so far...

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    RVPIMP's suggestion....


    ''If you go to Settings/Music in you device (iPad or iPhone) you can uncheck the "Show all Music" control. This will limit what's shown to downloaded music on your device ONLY. Simply delete it all then check "Show all Music again. Best way that I've found so far...'' 

  spot on.


    From here you can see what is downloaded to the device and simply delete it by swiping the song(s) and pressing Delete.  When you go back to Settings/Music and choose 'Show All Music' you will see the music you delete is still available in the Cloud to be downloaed again if desired.


    No need to sync your phone to your computer using the cord to get rid of them.  I just freed-up about a GB of space on my phone by deleting a bunch of albums I downloaded from the Cloud over the past few months.  Whole process took 5 minutes and all the deleted albums are still visible in the Cloud if I want to download them again in the future to listen to.

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    Thanks for this, I remembered being able to swipe to delete once but couldn't remember how I did it it. This is spot on, I'm just wondering why there isn't an 'edit' button that then allows you to tick various tracks to mass delete or better still, 'select all'! We don't need them on our devices that's the idea of iCloud! Don't remember it ever saying that it wasn't streaming your music from the Cloud, but if you listen to it once, you're stuck with it! I need to free up several GB on iPad to make room for video. And if you keep 'show all music' turned off to have a quick option to delete, you never see your whole library! Sort it out Apple, close but no cigar! Love it but after months or using it I need to undo it all now!

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    And after starting to delete music, just seen there IS an edit button for Videos. So what's the difference? Why isn't it consistent across the device?!

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    This is the same problem I am having. I have read all of your suggestions and I just want to make sure that if I delete songs from my phone they will not automaticly delete off of my computer. For example: I have a lot of old stuff, lets say Brittney Spears, on my computer. Its not that I want to delete her from the music library on my computer, I just dont want her on my iphone. But I am having a hard time taking it off my phone with music match on.

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