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My ipod for the past week now, seems to have a lot of bugs!

I just got this ipod for Christmas, and yes I have downloaded the current update and since I have...
-My ipod randomly goes to a black screen and shows the loading symbol
     sometimes it pulls back up to the main screen
     other times it ends up showing the apple symbol and reloading
     other times it just gets stuck on the loading symbol and doesn't stop. I have to power it off after many attempts for it to stop. Just holding the top button does not always power it off. Most times I have to hold down both buttons.
(once the only way I could get it to stop was by plugging it in and after sometime it stopped)

-I click on an app and it acts like it's going to load, and then exits out of it.
-also 2 days ago my ipod was plugged into my car sterio, and when I told it to play my music, the ipod flipped out and started flying through all my songs, but wouldn't play any of my songs.


It's the newest ipod touch and like I said, I just got it for Christmas, if someone can PLEASE tell me what to do I'd much appreciate it!

iPod touch, Windows Vista