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sorry for my bad english. I have installed xCode 5 days ago, and i'm new with Apple Computers. When i installed it for the first time, it ask me if i want create a new project or load some other. I have choosen to load other project that i have previously downloaded ... I have choosen my disk as project path.


Since the firts launch, xCode crash at the startup. When i launch it, appear only the xCode bar and a blank window says"No Editor". When i move my arrow on the bar, appears the loading raimbow icon ... I have tried to uninstall the app, with the trash and with the sudo command. (I have also tried with AppCleaner to delete all the xCode files). I have tried to reinstall xCode many times with no luck (manually and with AppleStore).


Every time i have the same problem.
How can i solve it? How can i make a clean install of xCode?
(Because when i reinstall it, it doesn't ask me the first launch window with the open project ask).


I have no activated TimeMachine, so i can't restore my system to a previously status.


Can anyone help me please?

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    (Because when i reinstall it, it doesn't ask me the first launch window with the open project ask)

    Read the following to learn how to restore the welcome window:


    Xcode 4: Opening the Welcome Window


    Your problems with Xcode may be related to the project you downloaded rather than Xcode itself. Try creating a new project by choosing File > New > Project. If you can create a new project without Xcode crashing, the project you downloaded is probably the problem. If Xcode crashes when creating a new project, there probably is a problem with your Xcode installation.


    What version of Xcode are you using? Uninstall Xcode 4.3 by moving it to the Trash. Earlier versions of Xcode have an uninstall script that you run from the Terminal. Instructions on how to run the script are in the About Xcode document that is in the folder where you installed Xcode.

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    Thanks for the help.
    I have installed xCode 4.3 version. (I have tried to install it with AppleStore, and other times manually with the .dmg file). I can't click on any button of the xCode bar, because xCode freeze at startup, and if i move the cursor on the bar, i have only the loading cursor available. So i can't click on Window Tab to restore the Welcome Window, and i can't open a new project.


    It seems that xCode is not loading any project, and maybe it is the problem. Maybe when i set "My disk" as projects path, it has not found any project, and it continue to search anyway. If i try to launch an existing project, xCode try to open it, but the result is always the blank window with "No Editor".


    If i don't find any solution, i will try to restore MacOSX Lion.

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    I have the same problem. I was working with XCode today, it suddenly hung, and now every time I try to start it, it hangs with an empty editor's window (and it looks like XCode is trying to load the content of this window).

    I've reinstalled XCode, it still hangs. I created a new user, and this user can work with XCode. But this is not a real solution.

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    I found the solution (at least XCode does not hang anymore). I had to delete several files from ~/Libraries/Autosave Information - there were several


    "Unsaved XCode Document xxxxx.xcworkspace".

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    I have been trying to solve this problem for over a month. Ever since I was forced to upgrade to Lion to support OS 5.1, the xcode enviroment would not start. Like timurfromgeneve 23, I found the same solution advising to resintall under a new user and while it works, and like Tim points out, it is not a solution.


    I am fairly new to MAC and up until this incident, I was mostly excited about the environment. Now... not so much but thank you Tim, because deleting everything under the Autosave Information directory did "seem" to solve this issue. It did not work right away, but when I forced Xcode to quit... it didnt shut down, but it was this time still there in the task bar with and option to simply quit. I instead selected one of my projects to open, and it did. After closing the project, everything started working normally.


    I can say that this really makes me wonder about Mac's environment, I hate the fact that I had to use terminal to find this directory and learn the Unix command lines to find and delete the data. I don't know if the deletion or the odd behavior opening a project from the right click menu was what cleared the bad environment, but surely Apple needs to better document, or better yet, create an installation that works.


    Thanks Tim.


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    Hi Kent,


    I agree - I spent some time searching for solution in google but soon gave up - advices like "fix file permissions with disk utility" or "reinstall XCode" did not help me (and I've re-installed XCode twice ).

    After that I simply started to search in every possible place for XCode-related files and at some point found this "Autosave". It's a pity that with Apple's products, if you have something less trivial, you're on your own and nobody can help you.

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    Thanks to all!
    I've had the same problem and I've tried the same solution of timurfromgeneve 23 ...
    In the end i decided to restore Lion because it was like new and i did'nt loss any data files ..


    I've solved my problem ... but I'm not very satisfied of mac environment ... maybe I had bad luck!

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    oh I have the same problem, what solution solved the prob?

    because I already reinstalled the OS X ... Xcode twice and still not working,



    kind regards.

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    did that solved the issue?


    I am trying it right now, hopefully it works.

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    What solution do you mean? For me my solution works perfectly - I've deleted some (probably damaged/bad/broken) files from ~/Libraries/Autosave Information, files related to Xcode with

    names like "Unsaved XCode Document xxxxx.xcworkspace".

    You can try, if it helps you.

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    Where do I find the folder  /Libriries/.....

    I am new with mac, I only know Windows and I have not a clue how to ge there,,,



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    Hopefully you've found the folder timurfromgeneve was referring to, but for other future visitors to this page, the path is actually "~/Library/Autosave Information/". It can be accessed like so:


    1. Open Finder.

    2. Select "Go" from the top menu bar

    3. With the Go drop-down menu displayed, hold the Option key to reveal a hidden item: "Library"

    4. Keep holding Option, and select Library.

    5. Double-click (or single depending on your Finder window) Autosave Information


    Then, delete anything and everything you find in there with "Xcode" in the title.

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    Worked for me in XCode 5! Here's a command that achieves the same solution in Terminal.app.


    find ~/Library/Autosave\ Information -iname '*xcode*' -exec rm -rf {} +
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    It worked for me, XCODE BETA 6 and OS X BETA 6 (july-2015).

    find ~/Library/Autosave\ Information -iname '*xcode*' -exec rm -rf {} +