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I am saving a photo on my iPad 2 in Safari that has a transparent background. When I go to Photos to check the photo, there is another photo in the background of the thumbnail. When I click on the thumbnail to enlarge it, the background photo disappears. Background photos seem to be randomly picked from others in my photostream...even ones that have been deleted. What is going on?


I've even imported all of my photos into iPhoto and deleted the photos on my iPad. When I save the photo again, same thing. The thumbnail has another photo for a background... Help!!


Update: I just tried editing the photo. When I 'enhance' the photo, the background turns white, and the background photo that was there in the thumbnail is now gone... but so is the transparent background...

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    Funny, no one else has encountered this behaviour?


    I deleted all the photos and then went to the website that has the picture I want to save to my iPad. I click and hold on the photo until I get the menu and then 'Save' the photo again. I think it's a PNG with a transparent background.


    When I go to my photos, the thumbnail still shows another picture in the background, but when I open the photo, it disappears. When I close it, the thumbnail shows the background picture again. The background should be transparent even in the thumbnail... It likely is, but another thumbnail is showing through for some reason. I can tell because it's not as clear as the photo I saved, and appears only for a split second when I open it.


    Seems to pick the 'background' randomly, but what I found weird is that it even shows pictures that have been deleted.

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    Same here, so completely frustrating.


    This is also posted, in detail, here https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3778274?start=0&tstart=0


    Will post back if I manage to disect the issue.