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Hello Folks!

I was wandering if in iPad's keynote I can put hand written text just using my finger or my stylus.

Is there such function in iPad's keynote?



Perview, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    I'm assuming you are projecting to a large audience from the iPad rather than handing it around.


    But no matter check out splash top presenter or doceri which will do what you require, and much more.



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    Thanks lesposen for your reply.


    What I want is something to *write* my presentation and get a PDF out of it. That's it.


    Doceri and Splashtop seems to be concentrated on allowing control on the presentation from the ipad, that's not of my interest at the moment.


    I want something that allows me to make what 10-20 years ago would have been good transparenecies. Very basic.


    For this I need somethign that takes easily handwriting (as Notability or Note+) but has some more devices to cut and paste images, add shapes, change orientation of the paper, where these note-taking apps are still doing not so well.


    Keynote is probably good in these latter things, but I was wandering if there is a good support, or support at all, for inputing free hand stuff, like hand written text.


    I hope I made clear what I want.




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    My reading of your original request was your wanting to have hand written text entered into a running Keynote display. Doceri and Splashtop accomplish that and more.


    Neither just control the presentation, advancing slides etc. You can draw and annotate existing slides, or momentarily drop out of the presentation and go to a whieboard scenario (or graph paper or picture from your photo album) and use that as the backdrop to your writing. Both Apps can capture what you[ve done as a drawing to later email or save for other purposes, including a replay.


    Trying to combine Keynote with a handwriting app such as you've listed is not currently possible, unless there is some cut and paste solution.