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I was attempting to fix a 210 error on my 10.5.8 OSX Server Wiki Calendar.


I highlighted my 58 user accounts in Workgroup manager and selected Enable calendaring and the machine hung up.  I had to force quit the Workgroup Manager and restarted the machine.



I then tried to log into my administartor account and was unable to.  We logged into another account and had to create a new admin account where I noticed the admin account that was created on install had been changed somehow to Admin, Sharing Only.


Any ideas on how to recover my admin account?


Also, note, this machine servers as my internal file server and wiki.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Did you Verify or Repair the Drive after the forced quit?

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    Sorry, yes I verified and repaired permissions (not much was listed), verified disk (volume OK).  Tried to access Workgroup manager on the local machine and it was unresponsive most often. I now use the server application from my personal Mac Pro.


    I tried a few more attempts to get the wiki group calendar to work and still have not been able to (problem for a different day).