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I am on a my PC tv recordings on an ipad without having to go through a lengthy mp4 file conversion process.  Two options:


1.  Find an ipad compatible player that plays .ts files (my tv tuner recording PC application).  Comment:  Azul and Movie Player claim they can, but cannot play ones created from Hauppauge WinTV using broadcast 1080p signal.  Tried dumbing down the default recording resolution to Better, Good, and Fair but to no avail.  Hanges up on first frame but audio proceeds normally.  Tired of paying for apps that do not do what they claim.


2.  Find a PC tv tuner recording app that records in mp4.  Comment:  No luck thus far.


3.  Find a ipad dongle tuner and record directly to ipad.  Comment:  Appears to be one sold in UK, but is not on the US market.....


Hoping someone out there has walked this path and found a solution..... or one of the above that really works or can be found in US.


Thanks folks....

iPod classic, iOS 5.1.1
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