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I have Lion Server 10.7.4 setup on a Mac Mini and I have enabled the VPN service for both L2TP and PPTP. The Mac Mini is joined to my Windows Domain at a functional level of Server 2008 R2. I have set the authentication paths to point to my domain in Directory Utility.


What I would like to have happen is for my laptop to be able to VPN into my office network remotely using domain credentials and not local account credentials on the Mac Mini itself. This is a process I have done numerous times on Windows boxes, but for some reason the only way I can get the VPN to work on this instance of Lion Server 10.7.4 is by authenticating using local accounts only.


Does Lion Server 10.7.4 only authenticate VPN users based on it's local account schema? Or can it truly authenticate against an active directory domain?


Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,