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    I live 12000Km away from where I bought it, I will have to wait for this model to arrive where I live so that I can take it to a Premium Reseller for support. Luckyly we have One year warranty that should cover this problem.

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    I had a similar problem on my 2011 MacBook Pro.  Tried everything, but resolved my freezing spinning beacball problem by upgrading to the latest firmware ( 000F )for my  M4 Crucial 512gb SSD  M4-CT512M4SSD2

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    Me too,


    I had exactly the same issue but on a much older MacBook pro, I think its one of the first Intel core 2 duos.  None the less, spoke to a very patient and helpfull guy at Crutial UK and the problem was resolved from the very next boot and had not been seen since YAY!


    So, hopefully others with the same issue will stumble accross these posts and not write off their machines.


    How hard would it have been for Crutial to send out an email to all that had used their System Scanner and then bought their SSD?  I bet there are a plenty of pepole who have written their machies off as faulty, I know I very nearly did.

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    Thanks followed your advice and it worked!

    My MacBook Pro kept on freezing when i had iPhoto open. Just would freeze when I was zooming in to photos and I woundnt be able to do anything else! Really frustrating has the mac is brand new and hear people saying how good mac's are! But hopefully its back to the way it should work!



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    i have the same problem, its also a 2010 macbook pro and it freezes all the time, i cant move it or it will freeze and i have to restart it. I´ve taken it to apple 3 times, first time they changed the motherboard andi it kept happening, second time they said there was something wrong with the hardware and they changed it put it kept happening, third time they said it was the sofware, so they "fixed" it again put it still happens all the time. i took it again last week and and asked if i could exchange it for another  one because this one is obviously faulty so they ran some tests and said they didn´t find anything wrong even though it froze right in front of them, so they said they couldn´t exchange it even thoug i have an extended 3 year warranty, they said the warranty was only used to fix some problems but not to exchange it. What should I do? can anyone help me?

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    were you able to exchange it? I tried excanging it but they wouldn´t, even though i still have coverage from my warranty

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    I think the freezing was due to chrome, try clean installing lion and dont use chrome.

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    You guys think you've got it bad. Listen to my very sorry ongoing saga and be amazed and a little cheered! And by the way I don't think it is just an update or Lion OS problem as you will see from my tale because I still use Snow Leopard.


    I have a MacBookPro icore 7, 2.66GHz, 500GB, bought it in Dec 2010. This cost me just a few pounds shy of £2000! Up till this I have used PCs/laptops (costing a fraction of the price of the Mac) & never had any problems with them at all!?


    Anyway just 11 months after purchasing the Mac its screen started flickering, I put up with it but then it started to go black. Took it to Apple & luckily it happened at the Genius Bar. The machine was taken away for testing. 24hrs later - I was given the all clear, it was a display fault & a new display was installed. Got it home and the same day it started again! I couldn't believe it. Rushed it over the next day & guess what? The machine behaved itself at the Genius Bar - but due to my protestations they took it away for diagnostics. 48hrs later I was called to say there was no fault and it was fine!!!!


    I took the machine home knowing full well it was faulty. When it started playing up and flickering again I got my mobile phone and videoed the display, took it to Apple & showed then the proof. It went away for further repairs. This time the graphics card needed to be replaced!


    All was well for several months expect I would get (at random & infrequently) a strange fuzziness of the display, everything would appear hazy and slightly distorted and poorly coloured across the entire screen. The only way of settling it would be a shutdown and restart.


    This was so infrequent I decided to ignore it till last month when the problem started occurring daily. Back to Apple. This time the logic board needed replacing!!! This was done....and now over to your problem.


    Since then the machine freezes exactly the way you all describe except I do not get the "freezing ball of death", my cursor, buttons, everything just freezes. I need a forced shutdown.


    Called Apple - they instructed me to do a set of diagnostics. All seemed ok but then a few days later we were back at square one. So the advice was to do a fresh OS installation. I did this today and guess what....the problem persists.


    I plan to call Apple care tomorrow and seek further advice.


    So for me it is not an update issue, it is not Lion, it is not related to Chrome or any other programme, may be it's just me...

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    Oh wow, you got lucky on that one. maybe its a faulty unit. I dont know. Its like my first experience with HP computers, as my friends told me they had good quality.. and when I first bought my first HP laptop back in 2009, it had an issue with the sound card that wasnt working, I had it exchanged and bought a dell, and since then I never bought or looked at an HP laptop. But even dell, I had 2 laptops that broke down and had the motherboard replaced and I never bought another dell since then. Am not being a fanboy but any company/ os you go to has its rotten tomatoes and somethings bound to break.

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    Hi posted a few days ago about switching the graphics card off so it just uses the one card at all times and that seemed to fix my problem. But things didn't seem right as I was still getting the spinning beach ball! So I done a search and found out that it maybe a corrupt hard drive!

    Anyway went into disk utility and clicked on verify disk! This took about 10 minutes but indeed it found a load of corrupt files and errors! Then disk utility instructed me to shut down my mac and then restart it but as soon as it turns on hold down the command key and r! Keep these pressed until you see a window which gives you the option to reinstall lion, restore from back up or the one you want disk utility! Click disk utility and then click on repair disk! Takes about 10 minutes after which it said it had repaired the disk. Then I restarted my mac tried a few apps and guess what no spinning beach ball everything feels smooth and responsive has it should!


    So give it a try hope you all understand if not drop me a bell!

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    • Macbook white 2.4ghz... repaired for 5 different failures and then replaced
    • New MacBook replaced aluminum... repaired for 5 different failures of its own and then replaced.
    • Yet another New macbook pro aluminum.... logic board replaced once after a years use. now on lion 10.7.4, ocz ssd and 8 gm ram, keeps on corrupting my drive, constant kernel panics each day, requires a cold boot everyday atleast twice.
    • iPhone 3g... dead pixels... replaced.
    • iphone 4... the INFAMOUS home button issue.... replaced
    • ipod nano 1g... replaced on recall.
    • headphones with mic... replaced thrice.
    • in ear headphones with mic... replaced twice. the third one has failed a little over after year as the volume control hass stopped responding.


    I got drawn to apple because of its superior software design and elegant looking hardware. but since my first purchase of a mac in 2008 i have constantly realised that under-the-hood... IT *****!




    and i think this extremely bad experience is going to eventually drive me away from apple if things dont improve.

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    by the way... we have the same machine config... macbook pro mid 2010... third party 8gb ram and 128 gb ssd.

  • AceNeerav Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)

    SO far i have....

    1. Done several SMC resets...
    2. DONE several PRAM resets....
    3. erased the hdd and restored from tm backup several times.
    4. REinstalled Lion nearly 3 times in 4 months and started all over again without tm restore to eliminate 'bad installition' possibility.
    5. taken it to an apple authorized service center where they ran a AHT and reported no problems.
  • AceNeerav Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)

    in 2006 i assembled a PC of my own and later sold it to somebody. that person still uses the computer and hasn't had a single hardware issue.


    ..........SHAME ON YOU APPLE!!!! ........



  • AceNeerav Level 1 Level 1 (95 points)

    i've already done that. no use. did that thrice. reinstalled and NOT restored from TM. ended up spending a lot of house and getting nothing.



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