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    Hey dude, you couldve left apple long time ago since you had a macbook repaired 5 times. If that happened to me, I would stay away from Apple a long time ago. Like how I stay away from HP and Dell from bad experiences with it. 2 separate laptops I had from dell had motherboard issues and it had to be replaced and a brand new HP laptop I got had sound card issues which  made me stay away from them. My iPhone 4 had issues, heck even my 4s right now has some issues. I'm really considering android right now. Only Apple product that's not giving me issues right now is the iPad 2 I have since last year.

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    The sorry part of my story is that imlove apple too much and im a huge fan! Since 2 months now i've set out to make a career in software development starting eith iOS and Mac. Can't use windows and android for even an hour now. With apple its been a love-hate thing! I just think that ever since they came out with the first iPhone they have been pressuring themselves to make new and new stuff in a short deadline and in the process are bringing in a lot of wrinkles in their otherwise well ironed products. I think they should pause for a while, maybe a year or so and fix every **** issue.... INCLUDING THE MESS THEY MADE WITH THE IPHONE 3G with IOS 4!!!


    I have had an ipad 2 since 3 months now and fortunately it hasn't run in any trouble. I love it! Although the smart cover is wearing out much faster than i would expect it too!


    I have heard that even the ipad 3 (which i dont own) has problems with getting over heated.


    If the tech media and the various tech blogs are not gonna dedicated space to write about problems with apple gadgets then i'm afraid we are gonna see Steve's legacy company eventually detirorate ( without being cynical about Tim Cook).


    U know today i learnt of a weird a$$ problem with ickoud that seems to have persisted for some time now among other users ... Disappearing aliases!


    There is ample of room for error... But not when u got ur fans hooked up to ur gadgets!!!

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    Hi Guys


    Thanks for the support. I'm amazed by the frequency of problems we're all having or have had with our Apple products. As for my mac I'm wondering whether there was something with the 2010/11 assembly batch because so many of us seem to have issues with these models. By the way I forgot to mention in my last post how after the new display was fitted it developed a dead pixel & needed to be replaced a couple of months later too!


    Anyway I thought I'd give you a quick update of where I am now. I followed BigRed77's advice and did all the disk permission verifications etc. but it made no difference to the freezing. I spoke with apple care again & they advised I did a full HD format & re-installation of the OS & other software. I tried this and guess what! The machine froze during the re-installation but after forcing a shut down I managed to getting it working long enough to re-install the OS, I decided not to re-install Mac Office, & other software just to see what would happen. But then the PROBLEMS REALLY started!!! Before the freezing was annoying but since the format it is happening every 10-15 minutes & more so at the log in screen.


    I took the machine to the local Apple store (7th time I think now) and they were stunned by my list of problems. The guy I spoke to at the genius bar was very apologetic & spoke to his manager to organize a replacement. Sadly Apple do not make a 17in macbook pro anymore so they are looking to ok an order for a 15in retinal display model instead - it has to be approved by Apple USA first apparently because it is a change from a 17in to a 15in model. So I'm waiting to hear back from Apple. One thing about Apple is you can't fault the apple care & store staff - they really are very, very good, they know their stuff & try their best; it's just our batch of dodgy macs that's the problem!


    I am truly gutted at what has happened but have to be pragmatic in this situation. It is not worth having a 17in mac if it doesn't work... but when it did work it was amazing!


    I will let you know what happens next. Good luck to you all and hope your glitches are resolved.

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    imagine this... i read ur post and immediately called up apple. somehow my iphone 4 on my vodafone india sim wont get a proper signal which otherwise my android htc one v used to get fin over the sim mircosim (used with a sim adapter) from my home! so i could barely hear the agent in apple care. when i could hear here she asked for my mbp's serial number but as expected... my magic trackpad just couldn't connect to my mbp upon wakeup from sleep! this considering the fact that its placed less than a feet away from the mbp that too on a glass table! unless i would open the monitor led it just wouldn't connect. AND NO, THERE IS NO WIFI AROUND!


    by the time i could retrieve the serial key, the call dropped on its own! this is not even a jailbroken iphone but an unlocked one which i got for a whooping $800!!!

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    I have a Macbook Pro purchased in 2010, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 2 GB memory. The computer in the first year was great and then I started having problems - though I have not tracked what has happened when. It's currently operating on Lion. The update has not improved anything.  I use this computer for my business, but it has been my secondary computer until now. I have a 7 year old G5 which aside from being unsupported has worked great. Loved that computer. Recently I've had to update to Lion on the Macbook and move my business programs - Quickbooks and Microsoft Word 2011 there so I could continue utilizing them.


    For over a year I've had programs randomly shutdown while in use and frequent freezing of the cursor. I took the Macbook to the Genius Bar about two months ago. They ran diagnostics and found a bug in the operating system, supposedly b/c I was continually doing a hard shutdown (when the cursor freezes, I have no other option). The guy was great and spend almost an hour with me; said I shouldn't have a problem. Well, I'm having the same problems and it seems to be getting worse.


    I'm considering replacing my G5 with an iMac, but with the Macbook Pro in it's current state, I'm beginning to wonder. I need to schedule another visit at the Genius Bar, but my hour drive to the mall, along with owning a business and caring for children doesn't make it easy to get to.


    Have there been any other fixes that anyone knows of or feedback from Apple about these 2010 Macbook Pros? Anyone have any experiences with the iMac?

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    Do you know what was the temp of the cpu and gpu during the time of the anomalies?

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    U might be on target over here. Sunday my macbook pro went into kernel panic and i colld booted it only to see a gray screen that wont proceed to the apple logo. i tried to shut it down and boot it several times, no go. Then i tried to reset the PRAM. no go.


    frustrated, i powered off the machine and left it off for a while and went on with my errands. when i returned and booted it about 30 minutes later, it just magically started as if there was nothing wrong!


    i think it might be an issue with over heating and nothing else! does the mbp's gfx card get more heated when connected to a 1080p external display? could that be a reason? all my issues with the current mbp have started only since i started using an external display since last december. then changing to an SSD made it worse!


    is there a way we can find out what the gpu, cpu temp was at the time of the panic, like a log or something?


    or some app that can record it. there is no way i can use the app at the time of the panic cause my machine freezes really bad.


    NOTE: last march i had to get rid of istat nano cause somehow loading the dashboard was instantly freezing my machine, the the istat nano was the only widget that was 3rd party.

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    First of let me say that the only air intake/output on mbp is a 10 and 3/4 inch long strip with a few millimeters wide. This Laptop is not meant for intensive heat inducing activities(i.e. games, Full HD depending on codec). I used instat nano to see the temps of the laptop and SIW on bootcamp side. Yeah I am a PC till computer get placed in peoples heads.

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    I disagree. MBPs are built to be used in closed lid clamshell mode if a user wanted to. Besides if apple supports full HD display then they know for sure that their hardware works seemlessly in that mode. otherwise they would had given a lesser resolution output.


    i think this is some fault with the mid 2010 mbp. i have used my earlier mbs in closed lid and sometimes even open lid (with both displays on!) with even my 40 inch sony bravia, fo hours to watch videos, and nothing would happen. infact i would go an entire month without shutting down my mac untill it was time to recalibrate the batteries. all problems started only after lion.

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    installed latest version of istat nano again. opened dashboard, app widgests loaded, computer frooze when trying to lead istat nano!

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    downloaded SystemPal from Mac App store and it shows about 45 C tempt and fan at 2000 RPM. while using it in laptop mode without external plugged in.


    i noticed that the laptop is far less warmer than when pluged in to an external. maybe its nothing more than a heat issue.

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    i bought my macbook pro a week ago 13" and since then it has froze 3 times, twice the first day i got it for no apparent reason and once just 20 minutes ago while looking at a video on the new office software, any idea what could be causing this? thought these things where like tanks im on the verges of taking it back if it happens again, so far the only thing i have on it is all my music which i transfered from my pc to itunes to sync my iphone with.

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    i want to believe its something to do with 10.7.4

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    God knows buts it's annoying when I've only had it a week well it's less than a week!.. My friend told me to download mac keeper so did that and it crashed 4 times while I was trying to install it, just called apple and guy said to do a new software install so just download OS X Lion again hoping that will solve it, isn't mountain lion out tomorrow or today anyways!?

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    I think you've got to take your mac back to the store!


    I personally don't think this is a software or overheating problem, I think it is a design/components issue. If you've read my woeful experience then take heed and get the machine looked at asap.


    I went to the apple store and they agreed to replace my mac but told me it could take up to 2weeks so hold onto my old mac in the meantime. I got home and it started working well, was freezing less and then (& I swear this is the honest truth) I was watching Apple's 23rd WWDC on the mac and about 15min into it the screen started making a crackling sound as the picture distorted and then bang!!!!! The screen went black. The only thing missing was a puff of smoke.  The machine turns on but the display remains dead.


    Fortunately Apple have now replaced the mac & I'm having no problems with the new one.


    Ordinarily I never buy extended warranties on electronic/electrical items but I'm so glad I did with my mac otherwise my situation would have been really bad. We pay a lot of money for these machines and can't afford them to fail. So my advice is if the machhine is under warranty don't ignore any problem however minor or infrequent, not even a simple occassional freeze - you have no idea what might happen next!

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