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I have my own hosted domain at cpapahost.com.   With the downfall of MobileMe album support I'm looking for the EASIEST hassle free way to publish my Aperture created web sites to a easily navigable gallery on my own domian.


I really don't wnt to use Flickr or Googlr+/Picasa  and wud prefer to publish to my own domain.


Wht I have no clue to start doing is building those galleries/sites. I probbly add  site or two a week wth anywhere from 20-60 photos on ech site. I'd love to find a tool that would basically do all the work that MobileMe did in linking all the albums togeter with me having to code it.


Anyone got any suggestions ?    I've considered iWeb but I can't seem to get it to work, when I publish to a local folder all I get are the main pages and detailled pic pages with no pictures.


(I've fooled arund, with Rapid Weaver, Flux, Goldfidh, Jalbum, Kompozer, Taco Edit but nothing seems to make it very  easy)


Can anyone suggest some readig material where I can red up on how to easily add new albums to an existing site ?


Right now I have a single main page "Photo World" let's say and all my albums are nicely linked off of them andesy to get to, when I publish in aperture it adds the new URL and album name easily and no fussing around.


I'd like that functionality back if i can some how get it back.  I realize I will likely have to pubish tp a folder and the FTP th contents to my doimain's space  but I csn'teven get that far.  I saw an Apertre plugin that allows direct publishing through FTP to a site nut it only rund in 32bit mode. So I'm SOL.


Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated.




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    I build my galleries still with iWeb and Aperture, and it works very well. I am astonished that the images are missing from your galleries, when you export to a local folder. Please don't be offended by this question, but did you remember to clear the caches in your browser? With iWeb pages quite often the contents of the caches interferes, and only after clearing the cache you will see the current contents.


    My workflow for picture galleries:


    I use iWeb to build an index page for the website and photo pages for simple slideshows. Then I publish this Index site directly to the FTP site of my web provider.


    For more control of the annotations I use Apertures Smart Webpage or Webpages and export those to a local folder, then use Cyberduck to upload the webpage to the FTP server of my internet provider.


    iWeb will still work after the end of Mobile Me, only the references to icons and controls that are stored on the MObileMe server will be broken. But there is an easy fix worked out be Old Toad and Roddy, see Old Toads Tutorial 26.

    1. Old Toad’s Tutorials: http://oldtoadstutorials.net/index.html
    2. Modify the iWeb Application: http://oldtoadstutorials.net/No.26.html

    Other options on what to do after Mobile Me is gone and what tools to use are described on Roger Wilmut's Site:

    Migrating from Mobile Me:





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    You might find the Aperture & iWeb article that I posted a couple of years ago helpful.


    The main idea is that you need to modify the Aperture templates to include a link to the ".." directory.



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    I started working on this problem last year after Apple announced MobileMe was going away.  At the time, I figured iWeb had a limited lifespan as well so since I had to make a change, I would move the whole system.


    I found Sandvox to be the easiest to use alternative to iWeb after trying several others.  I am a photographer and not a webdesign guru.  For albums, I use JAlbums.  You can see my site and albums at http://www.e2photo.net and decide whether you like the look and feel.  For few more details about how I made the transition you can see my blog at http://www.e2photo.net/blog/transition-from-mobilemeiwe.html.


    For picture albums, I simply export my picture to the relevant JAlbum folder, open JAlbum and sync the album and the new picture(s) are on my site. 


    The other things I have done is moved commercial/picture selling activity over to Zenfolio.  All of those galleries are password protected, but if you send me a note, I will send you a link so you can see one of them.  Aperture allows for direct export to Zenfolio, but personally, I like to do a full sized JPEG export, and drag/drop the pictures in the Zenfolio uploader (don't tie up Aperture that way).  Zenfolio also supports video.

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    Bravo !!

    You've done an incredible job, I'm stunned that you built that with JAlbum.  I would love to get some more info or a look at some sample code, if you'd be willing, to see how you did it. That is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. The ability for friends, relatives etc to see either a blow up of a shot, a slide show or the whole album.

    Great job, seriously. I LOVE the look  feel, it is exactly what I'm looking for.


    I really am surprised that Jalbum works that well for you, I've found it kind of strange but I probably just haven't spent enough time with it.

    Like I said, I would love to get  a look at some sample code if you'd be willing to let me peek at how you set all that up.  I'm NOT an HTML person at all so Jalbum has been down on my list a bit. You ahve certainly given me a new perspective.

    I need to spendf some quality time with a Jalbum manual or help file and understand how you got it to work so well. You're obviously somehwat of a web person cause I don't se the drop down menues etc and adding a new album in Jalbum naturally.


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts,


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    99% of what you see can be done without any HTML coding.  I use the Turtle skin.


    I suggest you download the current version of JAlbum and build an album or two.


    There were four things that I had to do a bit of work with.


    1. Getting the images sized and options selected so the images looked very good.


    2. What I found a bit tricky was linking Jalbum back to my site (just a link placed in the proper place). 


    3. The other thing that was not quite clear was how to embed Google Analytics.


    4. And finally getting the upload process addresses correct, but at that time I was switching to a new hosting site.


    I am traveling at the moment, but I could provide some more details in the next day or so.  Most of I figured out by looking at the JAlbum help pages or a short email to the developer who is very responsive.


    The drop down menus on my website come through Sandvox and the clicks to JAlbums are just links.

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    Also if you send me an email address, I will send you a link to my Zenfolio galleries.  That will give you two options to choose from.

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    Ok, so I've just played around with Jalbum and I see how easy it can be.  Here is one question I can't figure out. I don't seem to be able to create a "main" page with the menu's that will take me to the individual pages of index photos and subsequently to the large image itself.


    I'd be eternlly grateful if you could somehow wkl me through how you create the main "landing page" and then how you get the drop down menus or links (I don't really care) to get t the individual albums/galleries.


    Thanls for the help so far, at leats now I have a direction.  The only other bummer is that I have "export" the photos out of Aperture, ouch cause I have close to 25,000 photos.


    Anything you can show me would be greatly appreciated. 


    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.




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