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    Make sure your computer is NOT connetcetd to any WIFI network.

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    Hi, I have been using a MBP for 8 years now, paired it with various phones and transferred files happily with Bluetooth, back and forth. My last phone was a Blackberry Torch, and the two communicated well. So I decided this time around I will get an iPhone 5, which I did. And after two days I want to return the **** thing. I cannot get it to trasndfer files. I am a big, or was a BIG apple fan, but with my latest experience I am going to return it for an Android phone. I have not got the time to fiddle with things to get them to work.


    Thanks fbarreto, in conjunction with Glascock, I got the two paired, I can use the iPhone to connect to the Internet, BUT HOW DO I TRANSFER FILES. The USB port, well that doesn't work at all with the iPhone 5. I am too embarrassed to say it, but the silly Blackberry worked 100% better to transfer files with. Can anyone shed some light on the files transfer issue?



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    Thank you Jake... This worked for me as well!

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    If anyone has the Unlimited Data Plan you are not allowed to use your iPhone as a Wi Fi spot. Oh well.

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    Well all, I just wanted to report that I got a new iPhone 5s, using my 2011 MBP and still cannot connect via bluetooth.  Now I am not JBed anymore (using Tetherme), just thought I would trying to connect my iphone to my Mac via Bluetooth and I cannot seem to do that.  Got the 'ol "this device is not supported".  MPB says Bluetooth PAN is not connected and iPhone says Connection Unsuccessful.  I am soooo throuroughly confused, I am not sure what to do.


    Are MBPs and iPhones SUPPOSED to connect via bluetooth?

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    Yeah, same problem with iPhone 4.  Who ever figures this our gets Jedi status from me.

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    I cannot connect by iPhone 4 to my MacBookPro either. I am also considering going back to me BlackBerry.

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    I cant believe that this thread was started in may 2012 and the issue has yet to be resolved by apple!!!!!!!!!

    this is crazy; that two popular apple devices cannot share via bluetooth. I am also experiancing the same problem between my iphone 4s and mbp. I've read the solutions but they dont seem to be a complete solution and there are still things that I cant do even after applying the solution. from a new mbp users point of view; this is extremely dsapointing for me. APPLE please fix this!

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    Is this due to airdrop being implemented on iPhone 5 + in ios7?


    I just came across this problem tonight, trying to shair internet access with my phone, a 4s.


    Although i dont have any problem shairing my phone data with my macbook, i just cant seem to get it to work the other way round. 

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    Hello guys, i've been searching for some answers to this question (Connecting an iphone to a MacbookPro via Bluetooth) there is only one thing you should do if you connecting your iphone to macbookpro for the first time is that you should enable both Personal Hotspot and Bluetooth.If you connected once or twice but cant reconnect again i don't have the answer for that.But enabling both was the solution of my problem.


    Hope this will work for you too..

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    I am having the same problem with an iPhone 4 (iOS 7.0.3) and a MacBook Air (MacOS 10.9). I have tryied everything and it's impossible to obtain internet connection via WiFi, Bluetooth or cable.

    The instructions given by fbarreto are great, but my Bluetooth settings interface on System Preferences look different. I can't see the + or - signs or any other options.


    Captura de pantalla 2013-11-14 a la(s) 14.33.17.png


    Is it that I am in the wrong place or is it simply that the OS version is different? Any suggestions as to how to proceed?



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    I've read through this entire thread and several others that are similar.  I'm not a technical guru so many of the "solutions" have me wondering what they're talking about.  I'm a big apple fan, and we have two iMacs, an iPad, two iPhones, and a MBP between me and my wife.  The new iMac was her Christmas present which she loves.


    So back to the problem of bluetooth data transfer.  I've got a MBP 13" SSD, 2.26 Core 2 Duo running OS X 10.6.8 and an iPhone 4 running the latest IOS 7.0.4 with Bluetooth turned on in both devices.  The iPhone _IS_ showing up on my MBP and when I try to connect it goes green for a second or two, then goes red.  All I'd like to do is transfer some pictures from my iPhone to my MBP without having to use a cable.  I also don't want to screw up my iPhone working with my AppRadio in my truck.


    This should require a degree in computer science.  We buy apple products because we like the fact that they are so user-friendly and well-integrated.  Amazing that camera manufacturers are now including bluetooth devices that can send a picture from a DSLR or PnS camera right to your laptop or iPad, but we can't get two apple devices to simply connect and allow data 2-way exchange?


    This is obviously a software glitch when an Android device can pair up and transfer data with a MBP via bluetooth but an IOS device can't.  Wake up Apple... give me a 1-2-3 solution or fix.

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    Re: LightningMike - "This shouldn't require a degree in computer science"


    RIGHT YOU ARE, MIKE! It shouldn't be our problem, and it shouldn't be a problem at all. Where is our support!?


    Stop making us work for you, Apple. You have what you need. You have enormous revenues to spend on product support, you have the market share, so you have no excuse. Customer service or bust. My next Android is starting to seem like a real thing...

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    My kids gave me an iPhone 4s for Christmas: so far, I have learned that I cannot send and receive photos on my new phone (could do it on my old non-Apple phone) using Messages and I cannot link the phone to my MacBook Pro. What's the use of this? In many ways, I was better off with my old LG.

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    Thanks Jake! I still have my old MacBook laptop from college running on OSx 10.5.1 and by following your directions I just got Bluetooth connected from my iPhone 4S to my MacBook! Very much appreciated!