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I have an old palm that I still keep data on. Am waitiing for the iPhone5 to come out then will transfer over the data.  Just bought a new iMac 10.7.4 and when I went to back up the data it said that it was no longer supported.  I have my old iMac still and I can back it up there but want to sell the old one. Is there a way to transfer at least my contacts data  from my palm to somewhere on my new Mac for backup until the iPhone 5 comes out?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Missing Sync from MarkSpace.com can still sync Palm OS based devices to Mac OS X 10.7.4

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    Bob, I have a few questions about Missing Sync and its ability to be the program that will allow me to get my info over to my iMac from my particular PALM device. I wanted to talk to someone about it but Mark Space does not do telephone customer service.I will keep looking for something else if not will resort to setting up a "Ticket" with them.


    My biggest worry is I would buy the product then have difficulties or questions then have no support to help me with getting my contacts and my tasks downloaded to my iMac. Seems archaic that I have to go through all those screens to set up a ticket each time for a question.


    Thanks for trying to help though... it is appreciated.

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    The following is from the Missing Sync for Palm OS User's Guide:


    Until now, individuals who used Address Book and iCal to keep track of their personal information had to rely on Apple’s iSync Palm Conduit for sync functionality. Mark/Space now provides its own conduits to synchronize with Address Book, iCal Events and iCal Tasks. One major improvement over the older Apple conduit is the Mark/Space conduits’ ability to synchronize group and category information between Address Book/iCal and the applications on the device. Use the Mark/Space Contacts and Calendars Setup Assistant to choose your sync settings and preferences. For more information, refer to Chapter 5.

    Note that due to limitations of Apple’s Sync Services engine, users must choose to either Synchronize or Overwrite handheld with desktop data. There is not an option for the handheld to overwrite the Mac.

    The following is from the Missing Sync README

    Synchronizing with iCal and Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Palm Desktop and other PIM applications

    The Missing Sync offers the flexibility to sync with different Personal Information Management (PIM) applications, like Apple's iCal and Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Now-up-to-Date, Palm Desktop, and others. Some of these PIM applications have specific conduits that enable synchronization, and others share data with Apple's Sync services. The paragraph below is provided to help better understand what Sync Services is and how it works. The User Guide, which you can open from the Missing Sync Help menu, also provides helpful information on how to sync with iCal and Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, and the Palm Desktop software.

    That is all the written stuff I could find in a few minutes of looking.  Hopefully that will help.

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    Thanks for the info... don't think that I can do this on my own even if they said that the program could do what I need it to do. Their support is minimal so I will keep looking for awhile for a program that has better support. I am not a computer whiz... thank you