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Ive had my ipod touch for about 6 months now and after struggling to get the wifi working in the first place, I finally managed to change a few setttings and get it working. The only problem is when my ipod wouldn't charge someone on the internet said to reset all the settings on my ipod, i did this and then now my ipod won't connect to my internet again.



I have tried a lot of the things suggested on other forums, but nothing seems to work. In the top left corner of my ipod it has full bars on the wifi signal but when you try to use it on safari it says "Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet." and when you go into the network settings, it appears to be loading/connecting to the network with the little circle thing going round.


In the settings my IP address begins with 169. which I know won't work but I don't know how to change this, can anybody help me?

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