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Last time i visited Apple Store to solve an issue with the iPad 2, they oppened diags://ticket_number and a small window with the ticket number popped up in my ipad to have access to the reports in the genius bar. Thats ok, but since that moment, the iOS Diags application is always on and accesible by flipping the screen with four fingers to pass to one app to the following in full screen. The iOS diags app is not showed in the app list on the bottom of the scrreen and is only accesible by passing with three fingers.


How can I close that app ? of course if I turn default settings the app is not there but after recovering the iCloud backup it appears again, like it's a setting in the backup file that starts the application.


The solution in the genius bar was not using the backup and installing all apps from the beginning, thats quite a lot of work and will loose the application data.


Can I close the application to not stay there when passing applications using four fingers ?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1
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    Have you looked in Settings>General>Diagnostics and Usage> Diagnostic and Usage data? Is there something in there to close it?

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    That's the first section I have visited to solve this issue but there is no switch to disable iOS diagnostics. In fact there is only option to send or not to send information to apple and to show the diagnostic files.


    it's not a problem itself but the app is there when passing from apps using four finger flickering and it's just  there withour option to close it.


    If you would like to try .... make a backup first without this issue, open safari and type this url




    It opens a new window asking for the ticket number and a privacy disclaimer.photo.PNG

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    Is the issue resolved now? Perhaps they are continuing to run the diagnostics on the device.


    Have you tapped "Send"? Perhaps if you do, the app will quit since the information has been sent.


    You said that the Genius Bar advice is to restore as new and start over - but that seems like a B.S. resolution to this - IMO.


    Im just trying to come up with answers that make some sense based on the information that you have provided.

    I have never experienced anything like this. If your iPad is still within the 90 day free phone support period, I will stay all over Apple to get this resolved - politely of course, but I would be diligent in my pursuit of a resolution.


    Surely they can come up with something better than restore the device!

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    I'm pretty sure that they could troubleshoot this issue better but seems that if they don't have the answer just restore to default settings and start over .... just annoying, even more thinking that this is an issue due to a diagnostic that they have  done.


    You need a ticket number to tap on send and not get an error message, this has been done in the Apple Store by the Genius Bar again as I asked them to do it, but the app was still there after that. Even tapping over CANCEL, the window closes but openning a new app and flickering four fingers to the left the iOS Diags app is still there.


    Of course restoring to defaults and not recovering the backup from iCloud is the solution, just to not have a headache. They want me to have the headache restoring all apps one-by-one ....

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    I wonder if resetting all settings would cure this. But that has its own set of issues since then you have to enter all of your preferences and settings again.


    I wish that I had another idea for you to try, but I still feel - as do you - that Apple should resolve this issue for you - and I don't mean by telling you to restore the device.

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    Seems to work if resetting all settings and I have lost only adjustments not all data, so it seems to be a quite good solution, just setting some things like the background image. Unfortunately the VPN config is over  (but iCloud and email settings are there)


    Thank you for the help !!

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    I'm glad to hear that.


    Some people get all upset about having to reset their preferences. If you have a ton of different preferences (settings) I can understand it. But if it helps solve an issue, then it's worth the work that it takes to set them up again.


    You don't lose app data or files when you reset the settings, or I would have certainly warned you about that.

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    I just had the exact same problem.

    The apple support person said I was the first he heard about.

    He was following the help script and wanted me to do a restore

    Since I have pages of apps in folders I was not interested in doing so


    So I kept swiping between running apps and seeing the iOS diagnostics window.

    When swiping up from the home screen it did not appear.

    But suddenly it did appear and I was able to swipe it away.

    I don't know why that happened. Is there a difference between a 3 or 4 finger swipe?


    Good to know I can reset settings rather than restore from a backup which could take hours in my case.