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Please help; I would like to install iTunes in my "new volume E" folder and it automatically installs in drive C. I don't see an option to change destination folder or an advanced option. ty

Windows 7
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    The iTunes application needs to be installed on the boot volume (C:).

    Is there some reason you want it on a different drive?


    You don't need the iTunes library/media on the boot drive.

    Hold Shift, launch iTunes and select Create library and select somewhere on the E: drive. This will be the iTunes library and where all the media is stored.

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    This really *****, now that me and a lot of other people use SSD drives for the operating system we would like to keep application like itunes of the bootdrive since it can grow alot quickly. It is not the  librarys that is the main problem it is the updates for the devices tha is my problem right now.


    Someone should fix this itunes virus soon

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    If your library is properly self-contained then app updates should be saved in the iTunes Media folder. See Make a split library portable for details.


    The other main issue will be device backups which are stored on whichever drive is hosting your profile, normally C:


    Relocate MobileSync Backup folder

    You can redirect <Profile>\<AppData>\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup to a folder on another drive using NTFSLink (shell ext., might only work on XP) or Junction (cmd line tool).


    In essence you move the existing folder to a new location, create an empty folder where the old one used to be, then get the operating system to link the two together and silently redirect any file operation on the old location through to the new one.



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    As likeapplehateitunes, I would like to install the whole itunes to a different drive because my ssd is not only to small for backuping my device but also to have Itunes installed on it. The main purpose of my SSD is to run the OS and some add-on, that is it.


    But that's the problem with apple's products. They just don't take into account the different people needs. What was that decision to force the app to be installed on the main drive? Any other app would give the user the choice to change de destination during the install process.


    Would really appreciate this to be considered in the next Itunes version.

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    Drop a line to iTunes Feedback.