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So sorry my english is so poor.


Since I was asked to logon to my apple account I found an error after logon I am unable to access my account then I decided to go to iForgot for reset new password then has no any email by apple appears in my email address, so I decided to create a new one for the apple id I found that the email address which has been used in a trouble apple id can be applied to a new one I created then go to my iPhone to logon to imessage, facetime and iCloud it can be access to all. Unfortunately, I lost all my data such a purchased history, all data in iCloud and cannot be update any apps and some apps need to repurchase.


What went wrong? anyone know to solve this.



iOS 5.1.1
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    You have not lost anything, except the password for your previous Apple ID.


    By creating a new Apple ID, you essentially created a new "person" as far as Apple is concerned. You need to continue to use your old Apple ID.


    If you did not get an email response, check your spam filter.

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    Thanks John for your kindly help but I have checked all inbox and junk mail they have no nothing from apple.

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    OK, in that case try sending an email to iTunes Store support:




    Explain that you have tried to reset your password but you are not receiving an email. Make sure you specify the Apple ID that you are trying to use, not the Apple ID you are using now.


    You should get a response within a day. Make sure you check your spam folder for that reply as well. Good luck!

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    Did you try to reset your password when the login failed on one of your devices or did you go to appleid.apple.com?


    If you haven't I suggest you visit exactly that site (appleid.apple.com) and click on "Reset your password" and go through the authorization process. It's worked for several users that couldn't reset their password when being linked there by iTunes or through an iOS device.


    Otherwise as John suggested, you could contact iTunes Support and they should answer you within 24 hours.


    Good luck with this, but know that it's a pretty straightforward process and I doubt that you'd lose any of your purchases

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    Unfortunately John, the Apple ID I am trying to use are currently the same as my new Apple ID I created so I will explain you by step below


    1. Got a trouble through my devices (they asked me to reconnect to my Apple ID on both iPhone and iPad, why?)

    2. Can't reconnect to that Apple ID (It says "wrong password" and retry many times)

    3. Decided to reset new password on appleid.apple.com

    4. After reset I am waiting for an email from Apple (No nothing on my inbox or junkmail)

    5. I saw the function create new ID

    6. I am trying to use my old email that has been used on a trouble account. Unbelievable, the new account has accepted that email address.

    7. I am using the new account (but the same name as the trouble account be) to login through my devices (Facetime, iCoud, iMessage, App store)(can access after delte my old account first) then it works properly with new account.

    8. After access the iCloud all my datas gone! (but the new Apple ID is the same name as the trouble ID)

    9. Then go to the app store to try to download my purchased apps, books but it does not say "INSTALL", "INSTALLED" or "Update" on the other hand it shows the price as "4.99", "0.99" so I doubt that why I need to buy them again since I have already purchased them!

    10. I still have all receipts from apple that listed all the apps and books I purchased.


    What can I do next John or anyone?

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    If you are absolutely certain that you are using the exact same Apple ID (which includes the part after the @ in the email address) and your previous purchases are not being recognized, this is definitely a problem that will require human intervention.


    Send them an email as I explained - use this link




    Be patient. It will take at a minimum of two or three days of back-and-forth emails to straighten this out.

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    I went through your issue.


    1) you clearly said you tried reset password through appleid.apple.com and you didnt receive any email. even after checking junk and spam mails.

    2) I was just wondering how could you even create Apple ID with the same ID.. bcoz normally you tend to get an error message " this Apple ID has been used in the pasot ....."... i dont remember the exact message. didnt you get this message?

    3) Dont worry about the purcahses. If you manage to get your ID back, its just a matter of login iTunes store adn download all purchases.

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    Hi manucoorg, refer to your 2nd question I got doubt on this as well, why am I be able to create new account by using the same email address? and exactly, I wish my purchases back.



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    I am not sure if your ID is working fine now. If its working fine and if  have iTunes installed on your compuetr ( which i hope u have), then all you need to do is this


    1) Click "store" on the menu bar and sign in with the Apple ID and Password ( through which you had made purchases). Or you will find the store option under iTunes store on the left.

    2) Now click purchases (new) on the right side of the page

    3) once you are through to this page, you will see the all purchases that you have made ( You will find  headers like "Music ", "Movies", "Apps" , "Books " etc

    4) Music is the one you have purchases click "Music" adn you will find all music that you have purchased. Either you can scroll down all the way towards bottom and click " Download All" if you wish to have all music downloaded to your iTunes Library or you can click " Download" on individual " Music albums".

    5) this would be downloaded to your iTunes library. Then you can connect your iphone to computer, first back up the device so that you will not lose any songs and then sync the music. Once you are done syncing music whichever you wish to you can again back up so that you will have the latest back up...




    Please get back to me if you have any further questions.

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    Now, all my issues have been solved by the Customer Support Team with the iTunes Store.


    I am appreciate their works and would say for all of you again, thank you so much for your support.



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    Glad to hear it

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    Glad to know all issues have been fixed now..

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    hello sir i have same problem how slove?

    help me pls