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I'm debating between a Macbook Air (MC965LL/A) or a Macbook Pro (MD313LL/A) which one would you suggest?


I will be using this for college and taking it to class with me.  My biggest fear is that I may be too hard on the Air and damage it, but I like that it is lighter and looks cooler.  But which one do you believe is more logical and provides the best computer quality overall?

MacBook Pro
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    Personally, I'd get an MBP, as memory and hard drive are easily upgradeable/replaceable.


    Whichever you decide on, recommend getting AppleCare, which provides an additional 2 years of warranty coverage (total 3 years), and gives you access to Apple support via phone after the initial 90 days, for the length of the AppleCare agreement.  You can buy AppleCare anytime during the 1st year. For portables, I just buy it with the system. 

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    If you are strictly concerned with weight, and can live with a slightly slower processor and limited expansion options, get the Air. But if performance and the ability to expand (different hard drive, more RAM, etc.) are important, get the Pro.


    Only you know which is more important for you.


    (Also, if you don't have to buy right away, you might want to wait a few weeks to see if Apple revamps their laptop lineup.)

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    This is an objective comparison,

    Meanwhile, we start from the price of their basic models, considering of course that could get discounts as a student in the Education Store. Required about 100 € more to buy an Air with the same screen size of this Pro and already, in some cases, may be enough to make your own choice.
    Assuming a score to score, we could say: Pro 1 - 0 Air
    Until recently, the beloved laptop for school purposes was the white MacBook.Orphaned "bianchino", now out of the list for some time now Apple, the Mac that is most on the economic front is approaching the Air 11 "(900 € on the edu store). Air 13 "display offers a native that could be called HiRes, identical resolution to that of Pro 15" base:
    Air 11 "(16:9) 1366 x 768 = 1,049,088 pixels
    Pro 13 "(16:10 format) 1280 x 800 = 1,024,000 pixels
    Air 13 "(16:10 format) 1440 x 900 = 1,296,000 pixels
    The comparison on the screens is not to be taken seriously. After all, is what we will see during every second of computer work.
    And so the challenge back in a tie: Pro 1 - Air 1
    For size and weight comparison is merciless. The Pro is a portable slim, well built and, after all, not too heavy. However, this aspect of the Air is unsurpassed. He created a new category of laptops is so small wonder. The weight is also almost halved with 1.3 kg against 2Kg. For those who are always on the go is a godsend for the university and also the difference in the shoulder is remarkable.
    We update our score: Pro 1 - Air 2
    The battery is offered in both cases with a duration of 7 hours. 2-Air Pro 3. Another aspect that is rather in favor of a tie on the graphics: Both models use the Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384MB of DDR3 SDRAM condivisa.Pro 3 - Air 4.
    In academia, it may not feel quite the need for a Firewire port, but the fact remains that the Air does not have it.
    I guess that's the case to score another point: Pro 4 - 5 Air
    I scored a little more than necessary to have a complete line of Air, but for the purposes of this comparison we are interested in the value obtained from the Pro 13 'Air base and 13 "base. Both processors are dual core and, as you can see, the little guy gets along very well though with a slower clock. There is also a crucial aspect to consider: these data refer to the computing power but do not take into account the incredible speed-bump-up by SSD. Translated into monetary terms means that if the Pro 13 "is marginally faster when the CPU is under stress (such as video encoding) Air 13" is significantly more responsive in every area. By now you will present the advantages of SSD, as we talk about it constantly, and be assured that we are talking about really obvious differences in the everyday. The advantages obtained clearly outweigh the disadvantage resulting from a delay of a few seconds more in exporting an iMovie or a few seconds to compress a full-bodied zip file (which then increased the write speed scale in part). To assign a score in this area I find then a little 'in difficulty. From the viewpoint of the CPU Pro 13 "is slightly faster but we are sure you can assign an advantage when then every single operation, to start since, requires up to 8 times (the value is clearly approximate) of the time ' Air 11 "? I have no doubt to say that overall performance on the front of the Pro 13 "basis, as configured, is beaten hands down Air 13" base.
    I say then: Pro 4 - Air 6 (but wait ... is not over)
    Do you know where the above discussion decade? The MacBook Pro is much more expandable: add just € 77 and takes a 60GB OCZ Agility SATA3 that mounts in an instant. At that point, the bill draws on the opposite reactivity with SSD and the difference of the processor, though not so obvious, back to bite. It is also possible to realize different combinations. We have spoken of a disk of only 60GB in effect, but in the Pro can also be used as an adapter to enter the optibay the HDD of 320GB in place of the original SuperDrive. In this way we obtain the speed of the solid disc for the operating system and applications and the increased capacity of a traditional hard drive for archiving. Also, the RAM, which base is 4GB on both, on the Pro can be easily increased to 8GB. To want to do things right we should say that the added cost rises well and lose the initial assumption for which we have assigned a point to Pro for the greater economy.Furthermore, the comparison is based, only the basic models, however, the counter remains a valuable expandability, both now and in the future: if after some time you should decide to improve the performance of your Mac, is with the Aircan only change SSD (mSATA but those are expensive), while the Pro will have more flexibility.
    u point for the Pro: Pro 5 - 6 Air
    With the 2011 version of the MacBook Air has resumed the backlit keyboard, but still (and will) not have an Ethernet port, Superdrive and the infrared receiver. The absence of the reader / writer is a point against him, this is indisputable
    equal footing Pro 6 - Air 6. As Apple moves fast towards a future where this will no longer be necessary (see installation and operating system software via the web) can still be useful today. It must be said that with less than 30 € you take an external drive efficiently (review) but this still requires to carry around another "element". On a personal level each of us will be evaluated differently this absence, there are those who do not tolerate it and who has already got used to (in extreme cases supported by the Remote Disk feature) but it is still a lack of perspective in a single complete computer , at least at present.
    For this reason we say: Pro 7 - 6 Air
    pull the money (or better scores ) won the pro of a single point.


    i hope it can help you ti choose



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    My advice is to buy the pro, because it is easily understood by my comparison.

    (I know it's a bit long and perhaps boring to leggre, however, lists the pros andcons of both the MacBook).

    The last word is yours


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    thanks and best wishes for your studies

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    I Got a MacBook Pro and I Would recommend it to anyone who is willing to pay that much amount of money