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schwin91 Level 1 Level 1

I have remote locked it sent messages to it and located it, however the phone has stopped responding when I try to locate it.  I am guessing the thief has turned it off.  What else can I do?  Please help me!

iPhone 4S
  • ED3K Level 4 Level 4

    You shouldn't have sent messages to it. that would have alerted them right away. He/she is bound to turn it on again. just wait to track it again and inform the authorities once you have a fixed position. Or do what I do and hire mercenaries to take him/her out,.

  • schwin91 Level 1 Level 1

    I sent messages after I had locked and located it in hopes that it was just lost.  The phone was turned off about a half hour after I realized it was gone.  I work at Boston College and have notified campus police.  Should I call Verizon and report the phone stolen as well?  Also, I have noticed that the tracker does not work well.  I have practiced using it before and it did not work.  It said I was about two miles from my actual location.

  • ED3K Level 4 Level 4

    not sure what verizon policy is on that. call and ask I guess. But I still think the police are the better bet. especially if the phone is still on campus

  • schwin91 Level 1 Level 1

    Should I deactivate the phones service?  Would that cancel the service allowing me to locate it and such?

  • ED3K Level 4 Level 4

    your iCloud tracking uses GPS. so would not affect your service with Verizon. I would ask them to suspend the service for the time being as a precaution. Good luck finding the phone. As per news articles I've read 90%+ people never see the phone again.

  • Michael Black Level 7 Level 7

    The find my iPhone feature needs a data connection to work, but it can use either 3g or wifi, whichever is available at the time.


    If the thief knows anything at all about iPhones, he/she knows they just need plug it into iTunes and restore as new, and all your info is wiped out, including your iCloud account and the find my iPhone setting associated with it.


    If it is off the iCloud location grid now, it is likely gone for good, sorry to say.

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    oh right, forgot about the reporting data needs a data connection hah.

  • schwin91 Level 1 Level 1

    This ******* *****. 

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    Hi, someone also stole my iphone. i live in the UK and have not set up i cloud... is there anything at all i could do to track it down? i have the IMEI number and also the itunes account..

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    Hi to everyone i someone stole my iphone too,i'm liviving in Germany i have also not set up i cloud and i have lost the packet of my iphone when i bought it so i don't remember the number of my iphone only itunes account and the police asked me to find this number does anybody know something usefull or at least an e-mail from apple cause i cant find anything usefull THANK YOU