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We bought an iBook at a local auction which on the back of the laptop it says manufacture date 2002.  The specs on this little cute laptop are:


Mac OS X  - should I upgrade to Lion?

Version 10.3.9

cpu processor 900 mhz powerpc G3

memory 128 MB built in

CPU type:  powerpc 750 (2.3)

L2 cache  512KB

bus speed  100 mhz

boot rom version 4.6.4f1


the Safari version is only 312.6 and it stinks as it crashes when loading certain web pages. 


This is our first Apple (wish I could afford a new one) and I want to get this baby upgraded to improve performance.  So any other suggestions on upgrading programs I need as I am not sure how much this computer can handle as it was manufactured 10 years ago.

iBook, Mac OS X (10.3.x)