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My Apple products wont show up on itunes.  It is recognized by the computer but for some reason it doesn't come up on Itunes.  I am trying to sync my new ipod Touch with my itunes but it won't let me if it doesn't recognize it.  I tried diagnostics and i get:

________________________________________________________________________________ __________

Microsoft Windows 7 x64 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)

Compaq-Presario BT570AA-ABA CQ5624P


QuickTime 7.7.1

FairPlay 1.14.37

Apple Application Support 2.1.7

iPod Updater Library 10.0d2

CD Driver

CD Driver DLL

Apple Mobile Device

Apple Mobile Device Driver

Bonjour (333.10)

Gracenote SDK

Gracenote MusicID

Gracenote Submit

Gracenote DSP


iTunes Serial Number 0035AB1C033AC6A0


Current user is not an administrator.

The current local date and time is 2012-05-22 13:25:21.

iTunes is not running in safe mode.

WebKit accelerated compositing is enabled.

HDCP is not supported.

Core Media is supported.


Video Display Information


ATI Technologies Inc., RADEON X600 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)

ATI Technologies Inc., RADEON X600 Series Secondary (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)



**** External Plug-ins Information ****


No external plug-ins installed.


**** Device Connectivity Tests ****


iPodService (x64) is currently running.

iTunesHelper is currently running.

Apple Mobile Device service is currently running.


Universal Serial Bus Controllers:


Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller.  Device is working properly.

Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller.  Device is working properly.


No FireWire (IEEE 1394) Host Controller found.


Most Recent Devices Not Currently Connected:


iPhone 3G running firmware version 4.2.1

Serial Number:    5K93293ZY7H


**** Device Sync Tests ****


No iPod, iPhone, or iPad found.



Everything is up to date.  I reinstalled itunes like 6 times.  I tried looking for an option on Itunes but cant seem to find it.

restarted computer, restarting ipod, moving usb ports, yup all the good stuff but I still cant get it to work someone please help.

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1
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    Did yu try everything here:

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

    Another cable? Another USB port?

    Another computer? This will help determine if you have an iPod or computer problem.

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    it actually works for my netbook but on my laptop it doesn't work.  The only big thing that I can see would be 32bit compared to 64bit.

    I want to sync it with my computer because thats where I keep all my music

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    Any Suggestions?

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    I am having the same issue. Neither my iphone nor my ipad will show up in Itunes. The computer Reconizes it but not itunes.

    I have tried all the stuff in the article http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538

    I have tried a different cable, 3 different cables. I have tried 3 different USB ports, my only 3 ports.

    I have tried another computer and it worked fine on my GF's old computer.

    The only thing that i can think of is that it is a difference in the 32bit and 64bit OS.


    Any suggestions would be great.

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    I have tired all the unistalling of every apple component in my system and uninstalled Itunes, Have reinstalled it and still not showing up.

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    Yup doesn't work

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    Finally got it working..  Ok so First read this



    Just start with verifying the Apple Mobile Device Support is up and working, Just follow the steps here:


    After Stopping it and Restarting and it is still not reconizing your device Then start uninstalling

    Start with: Itunes, Quicktime, Bonjour, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device.

    I had an issue uninstalling Apple Software Update, and was unable to get it off my computer.

    But after all that download and reinstall itunes.

    After doing all that i was able to get mine to show up in itunes


    Hope it helps

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    guys if your ipod touch doesnt get recognised by windows or itunes, and it is being shown as a port witha yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in device manager in windows 7 then just go to ipod setting , reset all settings, enter passcode if u have one, reset all settings and confirm it. after some time the ipod will have to be reconfigured. set it as a new ipod( dont worry all ur data will be there) after this connect ipod to the computer, after this ur ipod should make the ping noise, get charged and start getting synced thats it ur free of all ur problems.

    hope this helped it worked on my ipod 4g.

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    Thanks, Faceline.  The link you posted worked.  Although it took me an hour and a half, I got it to work.  For anyone wh may have the same problem I did, find your "Device Manager."  In my case, it wasn't recognizing the iPod as a "Universal Serial Bus Controllers," or something along those lines.  What you need to do is see if "Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad" is listed under anything (for me it was under "Portable Devices"), right-click on where you found it, and choose the option "Update Driver Software."  It had somehow changed my driver software to something like MTP USB Devices, or something like that.  Anyway, choose to "Browse My Computer for Driver Software," and then choose "Let me Pick."  Then choose "Have Disk," and click "Browse."  Open C:, and then find "Program Files," (NOT Program Files (x86), THS IS IMPORTANT!), and choose "Common Files."  After that, find "Apple," and choose "Mobile Devices Support."  Then, head to "Drivers," and choose "usbpaal64."  Hope this helps someone.

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    OH MY GOD, this worked for me too. Thank you so much! I'd been struggling with this all night and your fix was the only one that worked. thank you thank you thank you

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    Thanks, glad I could help.  Seems like I always have that next-to-undiagnosable computer problem.  One time, my laptop's CD drive woudn't open or run (if I forced it open), and I spent hours on the phone with tech support.

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  I've literally spent the past two days trying everything that I could to fix the problem and I even spent nearly an hour today at my sister's workplace to see if she and her coworkers could fix it to no avail, but this helped me!  You are a life saver.  I hope you find $20 on the ground today.