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For some reason there are over 1000+ playlists entitle "Reggae" on my iTunes ever since I purchased Match and I've never created a single new reggae playlist nor have I had a single song any of them?  I've spent hours trying to delete the playlists one by one because you can't delete multiple playlists at a time.  For some reason it appears that my countless hours of deleting have not helped one bit.  Please help somebody!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I am having the exact same problem and sadly I do not have a solution yet. I have countless playlists entitled "testus" which I never created. It is causing my iTunes program to be unusable after just a few minutes. I have the newst software on a new 27 inch iMac. Everything is up-to-date and I have tried everything that I can think of, including cache cleaning and deleting .plists etc. I hope one of us finds a solution. If I figure out anything I will get right back to this discussion.


    I keep thinking of this in terms of iCloud, but iTunes Match is the problem...

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    Thank you Gary for sharing your problem.  This is been beyond frustrating and I really hope that this discussion/dilemma is reaching the attention of Apple.

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    Hi Mike. I fixed it! I do not know what caused the playlist problem in the first place so I do not know if the problem will return. However, my iTunes with iTunes Match activated, is now working correctly again. I ended up using a program that I downloaded from the App Store called TrackSift. It is only $1.99. It did not work right away because I kept getting an error message stating that it could not connect to iTunes. I rebooted - launched TrackSift - then launched iTunes and waited until iTunes had loaded correctly. Then I hit the "Clean" tab in TrackSift - then I hit - Delete Empty Playlists. Once it started I left my computer alone and let the program do its thing. It took almost two hours to work because it found 65514 empty playlists. That number is correct 65 thousand empty playlists.... that obviously I did not create. This must be an iCloud/iTunes Match problem. I am just glad that the solution only cost me 2 bucks and about 15 hours of crazy frustration.


    I hope it works for you as well.

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    Gary, you are the MAN!  I cannot tell you how happy you've made me.  I can't believe that nobody at the Apple store, after two genius bar appointments, couldn't help me figure this out and you did. 


    Where can I send a bottle of wine?



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    Mike I am very happy that the solution worked for you too!


    A glass of vino sounds good right now.... have a glass for me...  and when you get a chance... pay it forward. We always get the chance to help out in little ways if we just pay attention. I'm glad my day was today!


    Take care,



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    Thanks Gary, TrackSift deleted over 65,000 empty playlists for me too. The number deleted is susiciously close to 2^16 =  65,536 which must be the maximum number of playlists iTunes allows. Good thing Apple didn't use 32 bits for this.