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I bought the iPhone 4 in August 2011. In Sep 2011 , i first faced this issue.


Issue: iPhone was on silent mode. Suddenly it started vibrating continously with blank screen, may be some call was coming that's why it started vibrating but not sure. I panicked and didn't knew what was happening, i consulted few forums and came to know that its a known issue but Apple has not done anything in this regard, Don't know why?

Solution: Reboot the iPhone. I did that and then it got stucked at apple logo screen for several minutes and then after rebooting it several times, I got lucky and it started and first thing device did was to search for network.



Then till today morning everything was fine. Today this issue again came to haunt me but I was prepared because of past experience and I again follow the same to resolve it.


At first, I thought it was a one-off issue  but second occurence of the same means something is not right with the device.



Can someone from Apple reply on this post to tell what needs to be done.


Should I take the device back to Apple Store? or Apple is coming up with some fix for this issue?


Any help is much appreciated because I don't wish to face the same issue again.




iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    This has happened to me also. I am currently searching how to fix this now for the second time, last time my phone's screen went blank and vibrated and resetting it with the home & off buttons for 10 long second it stopped vibrating and went back to the apple screen, but then died again (but the internal backlight was on) and would occasionally go blue and 'fuzzy' like a TV with no reception, and then after charging it all night it bleeped in the morning and woke up but with no battery charge - and after charging another 3-4 hours it worked again. Now 5 days later I have a worse problem. It is presently vibrating and no amount of pressingthe home/reset functions buttons will stop it vibrating (no - i even tried for 30 seconds as per another forum discussion) and now when i plug it into my macbook itunes won't even recognise it is there so i can't restore it (or back it up!) Half way through the week also it shut down once while using an app even though the battery was good - but that time the reset worked first try. Each time it has done this I have been using a different app. The first time it happened I actually ran out of battery while on a walk using a new 'pedometer/track my run' app - and i was so convinced it was the app's fault i deleted the app - but this time i know for sure that that app is not responsible - this time it happened while using an app i've had for 8 months - ever since i bought my new iphone 4. I am very worried and have no phone company store in my town so will have to go without a phone and send it away to apple in the hope they  replace it, in the mean time i guess i'll lose everything on my phone since it was last backed up (yes - i wish i'd done that this week !). Just thought i'd give the feedback that this repeat occurence is not just isolated to your phone - and that the reality is it can be much worse if it won't reset /restore!

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    It happened to me again today.

    The issue is about one year old and it isn't solvedyet. I think Apple should say something about this.

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    My iPhone 4 just died! I felt it vibrating in my pocket and when I grabbed the phone to answer what I thought to be a phone call the screen was blank. I found out my buddy had called me at that moment, he was outside my house, as I was opening my garage door I had the phone in my pocket and he had his phone to his ear. He did not realize I knew he was outside, this proves that there was a phone call being made at the time this happened. I figured the phone just glitched out because I hit the F/U button on the top really quick because I knew the conversation I was about to have would be pointless. The phone vibrated for 3-5 minutes before stopping, during the time which the phone was completely blank. The phone was lifeless and would not take charge (the battery was at 50% at time this happened). After letting it sit to see if it would turn back on I decided to plug it in to the computer to see if it would trigger a start up, nothing happened. Strangest thing about the whole situation is that when my friend called my phone after the whole vibrating and dying, it still rang like it was on, not my iPhone, what he heard on his phone. So on his end, he could hear a ringing tone when calling my phone, I had nothing on my end. I will be contacting Apple tomorrow about the issue. I am sure they will have nothing but insulting advice... "have you tried turning it on?", "have you tried plugging it in?", "did you drop it in water?". This phone has NEVER been dropped in water and has NEVER worn a cover, my phone is in great condition and would have had no prior reason for failure. I did however have the memory close to full, I was about to transfer all of my photos to my computer, which im sure the past 8 months of family photos are now history. This is a BIG F/UP Apple, this is by far the worst experience I have had with a phone, dropped calls, never any signal (ATT in CHICAGO!), and my home button was extremely tempermental. I am so dissapointed in this $500 purchase I am ready to throw all my Apple gear out of the window. If an issue like this is not responded to I will NEVER buy an Apple product again. I will know more as this transpires, whether or not you can still extract all of your data (documents, photos, contacts) or what Apple is prepared to do about this growing issue.


    Galaxy Note II just came out, might have another new customer...

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    I cant believe the apple guys are not saying anything about this as if they dont care. They would rather get our email addresses and email us directly about getting us new phones while they investigate,we are loyal customers but this is inconveniencing us greatly especially business wise.