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I'm having a problem deleting photographs on my iPad using the iPhoto app.  The given directions do not coincide with what really appears when you tap the upper right arrow.  No delete button or trash can appears.  All photos were downloaded using the camera connector kit.  Also many of the photos are multiplying like rabbits.  I have 22 of one photo.  And 10-15 of others.  I follow directions carefully to no avail.  What will happen if I just delete the app?  And the install it again?  Can I do that?  What happens to the albums, photos, events, journals?  I've sen that suggested on this site as many others are having this same problem.  I'm being civil as it is my nature, but it is frustrating.  I like the app except for this experience.  I'm going to the nearby Apple Store later today.  Any help here?


iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 5.1