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Dear All,


I have been using the IPCU for a while now, however we are having more and more iPhones and iPads in the business and we are finding it more difficult to manage. To start with I enable a few security features, ie a passcode that is 6 digits and expires after 30 days. This is set to time out after 5 minutes and also to come into force if the device is switched off. Ok so that doesnt sound too difficult and we have overcome the issue (at our cost) with iPads and iPhones being setup at different times as we need to get the passcodes in synch.


My real problem (well two actually) is that if the person for whatever reason forgets their passcode their seems to be no way of resetting it over the air or with an admin override facility. That mean that they either have to keep guessing until they wipe the device or bring it to HQ to resolve.


The second problem is that we are using EAS (exchange active synch) which is great and works well but when the passwords expire on their AD account the push notification then fires up the wrong password notification box and locks out their AD account.


I know the easiest way is to not expire passwords but this is a legal requirement.


Can anyone help with this as it is driving me round the bend.


I am hoping not to use a Mobile device management service as this is quite costly





iPhone 4S, iOS 5