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I have some random iPhone application transferring tons of data from my phone, even when the phone is asleep. It appears to happen once per day, around 5-6pm and for example last night it 'sent' 75mb of data out. At a 200mb cap, this is pretty scary. How can I find out which app is doing this?


AT&T was useless and suggested Apple was doing this. Even though all of our iphone updates are manual, and that would be a 'receive' not a send.


It's an iPhone 4 running the latest operating system.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    This issue has been discussed at length in this forum.  So you don't have to read a bunch of posts, here are some tips.  ATT will post data usage a few times a day, so this could be several hours usage posted in one bunch.  IMHO this dosen't add up to such a large usage figure.  WiFi will stay on in sleep mode if your iPhone is connected to a power source, so plug your iPhone into a power source at night.  You can also turn off sending Diagnostics & Usage Data to Apple.  Settings > General > Diagnostics & Usage.  You can also turn off push notifications.  Turn off cellular data at night.  I know that you may not want to use all the tips.  I personally plug my iPhone into a power source at night and turned off sending data to Apple and this has kept my cellular data usage very very low.

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    I had the same issues. I turned off all the setting that people suggested, but I still see high data usage. Strangely I observed that even when I am keeping my ipad on airplane mode for a complete a day with all applications closed also, I have seen the high data usage in the morning my time between 8-9 am(typically). The only way I could stop was turning off the iPad, which I do not want to do that.


    I have 5gb plan, More than 50% of my data usage goes for these kinds of untracked Apps and leaves me little data for use. I thought apple is a safe device, apparantly it is not. Since I am seeing this happening when all the apps closed and airplane mode, I also suspect if apple gathering any data from the device.


    Not sure how to get rid off this