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OK, I am completely stumped.  I got a new iPhone 4S on May 15, 2012.  It worked great at the AT&T store and connected to their secure wireless no problem.  I spent 6 hours at home trying to get it to connect to my wifi network - it couldn't find mine or any of only 1 of the other 5 that my iMac can find.  I have a Netgear WNDR3700 (the dual band n) router that the iMac, the Macbook, two TiVos and my old 3G phone connect with no problem - and all these devices except the iMac are downstairs in the opposite side of the house from the router.  So...

  • I reset my network settings on the phone
  • I turned wifi on and off again on the phone
  • I turned airport mode on and off again on the phone
  • I turned the phone off and restarted it
  • I updated the firmware and the GUI on my router
  • I took off the security, walked up to the router until the phone was 3 inches away, and it found the network and connected.  Safari worked fine on wifi.  I walked 5 feet away and the wifi was gone.  (The phone will find and connect to my neighbor's unsecured network, but drops the connection if I move more than 5 feet from where I picked it up.)
  • I reinstated the WPA2 security, held the phone 3 inches from the router and connected via the passphrase.  Signal dropped again at 5 feet away.
  • I restarted the cable modem (just for kicks) and the router.  I changed the router security keys.
  • I added the phone's MAC address to the access list on my router
  • I did a factory restore on my router, changed the network names and passphrases.
  • I took my phone to the gym, Starbucks and the Apple Store.  It connected to the wifi and even made backups on iCloud.  It lost the connection at the gym when I went upstairs, but it was still connected when I was outside in the parking lot, so who knows about that.


At my Apple Store Genius Bar appt. - which the Apple support guy made for me after he'd been on the phone with me for an hour with no result - the guy immediately gave me A BRAND NEW PHONE.  He said it must be a wifi chip problem and that they get about one of those phones a month.  I thought, "Lucky me, I won the lemon phone lottery!"  I switched my info to the new phone via iCloud while I was in the store and took my brand new phone home:  it still sees no networks except my neighbor's and doesn't stay connected for more than 5 seconds.  It makes no difference whether I remove the security or not - the phone absolutely will not find my network or any of the other 5 networks near my home. 


I've almost decided that the only way to make this work is just give in and get an Airport Extreme, but EVERYTHING ELSE WORKS!  What is up with this iPhone 4S and my wifi???  Anyone have any ideas?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    So, I can see that nobody had any ideas.  In case anyone is interested, I did cave and get an Airport Extreme.  My iPhone 4s connected in about 3 seconds, as did my MacBook, my iMac and my old 3G phone.  The router is in the EXACT SAME SPOT as my Netgear router.  No reception problems, no dropping wifi.


    The Sony Blu-Ray connected on the second attempt, but the TiVos are another story.  Reset my N-adapters to factory default and then did setup, found the network just fine assured me that my wifi was configured to the new router, but the TiVos refuse to connect.  It's always something! lol  I'm sure somebody can tell me how to fix this.