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Can I install my OS 10.2.2 disk, which includes OS 9 Classic, to fix Classic and maintain my hand-me-down 10.3.9 (with no disks)?  My attempt at installing 9.2.2 disk shows "more than one system found, please choose"  (available folders) which show the same message.


I've been in cummunicado for a long time (years) and am wondering if the abandonment of 10.3.9 means the loss of use of my beloved pinball and Scrabble (legacy?) games in any new Mac


Thanks in advance.....


Explanation: I need the Classic to use my library of legacy games, but the 10.3.9 as a (somewhat) useful internet so I can put this old goat (the device!, not me)

out to pasture to live its final year(s) doing good deeds like running UC Berkeley's BOINC program to search for extraterrestrial life (SETI). No kidding.


I'm currently using an HP Pavilion with Window Vista (ugh).


Multiple good cheers to all.

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    For use as Classic (under Mac OS X), it's not very picky about how the Mac OS 9 System Folder gets installed.  You can just drag an existing 9.2.2 System Folder from another source and copy it to your PowerBook's hard drive volume, then set that System Folder as Classic in System Preferences.


    With that in mind, it may be simpler for you to use another source for the 9.2.2 System Folder used as Classic.  I posted a summary of that procedure in a different forum, so you can take a look here


    http://groups.google.com/group/macos9/browse_thread/thread/9d1d9040229a0850/1e7f a060adbd346f


    (You should probably get an external FireWire drive and back up your current installation, so you don't lose your 10.3.9 "ET" system if you have a hard drive problem.)

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    Your OS X system files are in a folder titled System


    If OS 9,x is installed, it is in a folder titled System Folder.


    Many games designed for OS 9 (& below) don't work properly in classic mode. That's because the game software wants to control certain aspects of the Mac hardware, but it can't because OS X is in control.


     Cheers, Tom