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I have a problem with my iPhone 4. It randomly shuts off and wont turn on again until i plug in the charger. This happens at least once a day and is extremly annoying and i can´t really use it anymore. I´ve tried a reset but with no results. Please help me out, thanks

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    try doing a restore. unplug iphone plug usb in computer then plug iphone in computer while holding your home button. this will factory reset your device so try and get a back up before you do this. i hope this helps you solve your issue!

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    Hello again,


    I know there been a while, but I just need to tell you this

    I tried a restore and it didn´t work out. The same problem just continued and i started using and old phone instead. A couple of days ago I read something about ios6, and I thought: Why not try it on my iPhone that I don´t use? I installed ios6 and since then the phone have worked perfectly, except for one single hangup but then it was just to restart it. Ios6 beta 2 is actully really stable. I mean, now at least it´s a fully functional phone.