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I created a template from a laboriously constructed single chart with 4 overlay charts placed on the same axies.   All work fine on the original and update correctly if the table changes or is added to.

I decided to save it as a Template for re-use.


When I start a new chart from the template all interaction between table and charts have gone. In other words, when I save as a template the conections were not copied into the Template.  I have 2 questions for anyone able to help:


1) Is there something I should have done when saving the template ?    It is still possible to save a new template.


2) Is there a way to re-attach the charts to the table  or in a broarder sence, attach a table to an existing chart ?


I'd hate to have to reconstruct and go through the overlaying all over again.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 4Gb memory
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    I suspect that you did something prior to saving as a Template, maybe something that you don't remember. Saving a document as a tamplate shouldn't change anything. The template should open up just as if you did a normal save and opened that normal document again.


    Are you sure that you didn't move objects between Sheets, or delete some data so that your template would be reset to a blank state ready for new data?



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    Hi Skip,


    I don't know the answers for questions 1 and 2 (I suspect Jerry is correct), but you might consider this alternative:


    Open the existing (working) file, then immediately Save as, using a different name, and a location convenient to you.


    Replace the data in the new version with dummy data, matching the format(s) of data in the original.


    Check that the table-chart connections are still intact, then Save and Close the document.


    Optional: Locate the file in the Finder, Select, Press command-I to Get info, then set permissions to Read Only for all three categories.


    To Use:

    Open the new file. You should get (and OK) a 'Would you like to open a copy?" message.


    Save the new document (with a new name), and carry on.




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    Hi Barry,


    Sounds good.  As Jerrold seems so confident,  I'll try making another template, to check again, that my observation was as I said it was and if that don't work I'll have to find another way to store it.


    Being curious, if all the formulea and other parts of the project are saved why would saving an empty table linked to a chart make any difference ?


    Also, You would think that high-lighting the chart and calling up the inspector, you would be able to re-install the lost chart data bits, would you not ?


    Thanks for time and interest. I'll try all suggestions anyway.

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    Try first with a simple table and chart, to save time and to sort out what may be going on.



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    Hi Jerrold,

    I have replied to your post twice but they are not showing on the Forum. Don't know why.

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    Ah! that one showed up.


    The gist of previous reply was. Being new to Numbers I cannot swear absolutly, I did nothing else so will try again.

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    I think It's easier to try the same again first. If it don't work then, then I will have to find another way to store for re-use.  I have a number of far more complex table/chart configurations that I want to transfer from Excel to Apple so if Numbers can't handle them then I will have to try another Spread Sheet. Unfortunately, I think Excel is going to take a lot of beating but must give it a chance. It's been suggested elswhere on this forum in so many words, that Numbers is not realy intended to be a grown up spreadsheet. That was in responce to a search for a way to get a system 'time stamp' that did not update every time the table refreshed. Pitty.


    Thanks for your time and the interest.

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    Hi Jerrold, Hi Barry,


    I have just tried twice more to save the working Table, with all it's entries in place, as a Template and same results.

    There is one thing I felt was a strange to have to do: The chart on sheet 2 (the main one to be read) seemed not to want to update when the table was altered. It seemed to have something to do with being a separate sheet so I copied the the charts as a group to the first sheet, reduced it quite small and hid it behind the Table so that the table could fill the page. This works fine in the original and 'SaveAs' copies.

    Could this be what is confusing things ?

    Will investigate.

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    Jerrold, Barry,

    Above  was  the problem. I change several things on an original copy any one or combination of could have been the solution.

    It seems that there is a possibility if more than one chart references a table it may have trouble saving as a template and detach both.


    Another observation might be that because the second chart was a copy of another Grouped set it could not handle a second grouped situation.


    Or it was the Grouping itself.


    All should be used carefuly and tried first.

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    Charts and the Tables they depend upon must be located on the same sheet during the setup of the chart. Later they can be separated and the charts will update as data is edited. To make changes to the chart options and to add data series, etc. put the chart and table back together on the same sheet during the changes, then separate again if necessary



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    Hi Jerrold,

    in this case they were, in ignorance on my part however.  The problem with doing it that way is getting the overlays accurately aligned, with such a small scale, having all on the same sheet. What I did  was a close overlay on the same sheet, 'Grouped' them, moved them to another sheet, 'UnGrouped' and individually expanded and adjusted each for best position and alignment. That seems to work ok.   As I mensioned above there may be a problem with 'Grouping' if saved as a Template. It's something I still need to prove or eliminate.  It would help if the arrow keys could be used to manipulate the stretch handles like the move function.

    Another thought is; If I can choose a larger sheet for construction and change sheet size when finished ?


    Thanks again for your help.

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    I have just constructed a quick & simple Table with a chart on a second sheet and saved it as a Template. I then recalled it and it seemes ok. Have I not understood something ?


    A problem I do have Know is a load of useless templates I can't get rid of. lol.   anyone know where they are stored ?

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    The only thing you may be missing is that none of these problems have anything to do with saving as a template. Problems can arise from moving things around and with deleting data formerly associated with Charts, but with how you save them.


    Your templates are stored in your User account > Library > Application Support > iWork > Numbers > Templates > My Templates.


    If you're using Lion, you get to the User Library from the Finder Go Menu using the Option key: Hold down Option while selecting Go > Library. "Go" is on the top line along with Finder, File, Edit, and View.



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    Hi Jerry,

    Sure, not having intimate know-how of Numbers software, it is all a matter of cause and effect at a very personnel level.  If I had access to the written software it is still unlikely that I would find the whys.  Like most people I speek from my own experiences. I don't think I have solved anything. If there's a bug it remains a bug. we can only avoid doing things we know may be a problem.

    Since I removed the Chart copy however, I cannot do anything wrong with it. I have even removed all the entered data in the in the table and made a template and it still works when I use a copy. Everything points to that being the problem. But, it doesn't mean there are no other reasons for such  failures.


    The =Right(now(),5)   formula produces the desired time format and acts like a normal 24hr clock. Entering 09:45 is accepted by Numbers as an entered time but are not treated the same.

    I was only passing on a fact I had run across, while scratching for ways of doing things.

    My question would be  "what is the difference between the them if both are in time format"?


    Thanks for the tip on removing Templates, I didn"t know where they were stored,  I actually found it in an answer  from questions already asked. Thanks anyway. 


    I am using 'Snow Leopard'. I didn't update because of all the bad write-ups I read about losing the use of third party softwares, even Apple stuff. Just didn't want the hassle.  The search did not find the actual file name but I don't want to go down that road at the moment.


    I've not really used these forums in the past and still finding my way around. My thoughts are, for example,  How do knowledgable people, like yourself, find time to stay on the site and answer my foolish questions ?

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