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iPad 2
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    Pleading for help does no good if you never ask a question or otherwise indicate what you wish help with. I doubt anyone here has sufficient psychic powers to be able to just pick the problem out of your mind.

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    please tell me what should i do with my ipad..i updated the iOS earlier but then when i finish updating my ipad suddenly shuts down then it can never be turned on again..please help???

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    I'd suggest you start a new topic with your issue (use the "Start a discussion" link under the Actions header at the upper-right of each main topic page). It's generally better to ask a question as a new topic rather than as a reply in someone else's thread. It's more courteous to the original poster of a thread, and is more likely to get your question the attention it deserves.



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    i need help my ipod touch have not been letting me use my apps/games since i put music on it off my computer on itunes and im really furious...could yu guys help me

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    Again, please start your own topic. Piling into another thread, particularly one where no question was ever asked, isn't the best strategy for getting assistance.

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    Help me using neibrahim@umg.com.sa I can't verify

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    We have no idea what you're asking. Start your own topic and provide a complete description of your problem or issue and then someone may be able to help you. Once you start your own topic, if you then want email notifications of replies to your topic, subscribe to the thread.




    Few if anyone here will email you directly.



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    While, as varjak paw stated, few will reply to you directly from this

    forum, I expect the spiderbots will see that your inbox is filled. Not

    wise to put your email address in an open forum.

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    Did you try to put it in a DFU mode ? Search how to do that in YouTube and then restore it on iTunes

    Step 1: connect your device to you computer and make sure iTunes is opened

    Step 2: hold the sleep/wake button and the home button to 10-15 seconds

    Step 3: the iTunes will show you a Message telling you that you have an iPad with dfu mode Connected to this iTunes library .

    It will tell you to restore it

    Step 4: restore it

    If you need more info email me at ameeryaghmour@icloud.com

    Imassage me or FaceTime

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    I can't buy anything from AppStore, because every time I try I can't . It keeps asking me about my security questions. But I don't know the answers. Please tell me what I can do to solve this problem I already try so many things but they still don't work..PLEASE HELP!?