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HELP: My 4S keeps downloading and then re-downloading e-mail messages after they are deleted from the phone.  My company uses Godaddy.com as their e-mail server.  It is a POP3 account. 

In Outlook 2010, I keep the message on the server for 9 days in case I am out of town and can't acces my computer in the office.  But I am unsure why the e-mail messages keep getting re-downloaded after they have been downloaded on the iPhone. 

If I set the iPhone to delete the message after downloading, will my GoDaddy server delete the message?  Or will that change only control how many times the phone downloads the message?  My BB never had an issue like this and this is the only frustration so far with the iPhone.  I suppose i can always delete the e-mails on the server twice a week, but it's just one more thing to do.

Any suggestions on how ro correct this?  I have seen many questions relating to this issues.  Thanks.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    I also have a GoDaddy account (IMAP) and my wife has had a number of problems with her emails on macs.  I brought up this topic with IT at my job and was told that GoDaddy has known "mac" problems and hers are documented and yet unresolved.  I'm quite invested in GoDaddy at this point, and can't believe that a national company of its size can't make things work on the mac.  Another tale of woe regarding GoDaddy.


    Good luck with your problems.