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I only have a macbook pro. I don't have a bunch of other devices. When the setup of my macbook was done, I got iCloud turned on. That was my mistake since I didn't know the implications. Shame on me!


,So, now calendars, contacts, documents... are checked in the iCloud dialogue box which as I understand it means that those data are not really stored on my macbook pro. After dealing with Apple on a problem I am having, one of the thoughts is that my Apple ID account might be corrupt. So, since I don't really need iCloud I want to run a test with iCloud out of the picture. I just want my macbook to be a standalone computer without any interfacing to the iCloud.


From what I understand, if I sign out of iCloud, the data will no longer be on my macbook. So, I won't have the ability to use my calendar, contacts, etc. because they will be out on the iCloud and my macbook won't be talking to it.


So, if I do a backup in Time Machine, then sign out of iCloud, then restore from the Time Machine I took just before signing out of iCloud, will I have my standalone macbook with all my data like I want?


Sorry for the long winded scenario, but I'm not a tech guy (no handheld devices, just a basic Mac user, etc.).


If you have any other approaches to me getting to the point where I have my data and am signed out of iCloud, I would be interested.


Thanks in advance.

iCal, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Copying your contacts from the iCloud to your Mac is easy enough.


    In groups take a look to see if you have a "on my Mac" group. if not, go to your address book preferences and change your default account to on my Mac. Then select your iCloud group in address book and click  the first contact and shift click the last, this will select all your contacts. You can now drag all your contacts to your on my Mac group.


    Copying your calendars is a little more difficult.


    • Create a new empty calendar from the iCal file menu, select which account you want to create it in.
    • To copy a calendar ctrl-click on it from the menu that appears when you select the calendar button (top left corner of iCal) and choose export (export it to your desktop for ease)
    • Double click the exported file and choose the new empty calendar to import them into.
    • Ctrl-click on the original calendar from the menu that appears when you select the calendar button and choose delete.
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    Winston, what's wrong with just exporting calendars and contacts from the apps, switch off iCloud, then just import the contacts/calendars back in?

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    Nothing, neither way is any easier than the other except that way you get to see them working before you delete your iCloud account.

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    Hi, thanks guys for the tips on calendar and contacts. But, additionally in iCloud "Documents & Data" as well as "Bookmarks" are also checked. So, doesn't this mean that I will loose that data or at least need to archive it somehow before signing out of iCloud then reload it? The only other thing checked is "Find my  Mac". This is why I'm wondering if just doing a Restore from Time Machine is a better option? I'm assuming that when Time Machine is backing up that the data is on the macbook at the time. For instance if I am signed into iCloud, but I don't have iCal open I expect that my calendars is populated on the macbook even though the app isn't open.....  It's getting a bit beyond me!!


    Anyway, any additional thoughts?


    Thanks again.

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    You will not lose any data by turning off bookmarks or documents and data, both of these settings just enable syncing, they do not affect any of the data already on your Mac.

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    I like the idea of giving it a shot before signing out of iCloud. I messed around with iCloud (haven't done anything yet) and this message comes up if I begin to sign out of iCloud, which I didn't. Then if I go to the next step I get the second screen shot, which seems to be the only kicker, i.e. Delete Calendar and Reminders from my Mac. 


    So, it makes it seem like my contacts will in fact stay in tact if I click on the "Keep Contact" link. That would seem to make this whole thing easier yet. I have Lion, maybe this "Keep Contacts" option is only in Lion.....  What do you think? I will still need to do the jiving with the Calendars....




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    Hi Winston, well you can see from above that going thru the routine you laid out got me squared away with contacts, calendars, and reminders. One kicker, (I think because I have Lion and the To Do/Reminder list on the right hand side of the page), is that I had to do the same conceptual game with the reminders on the right hand side as I did with the calendars on the left hand side per your idea.


    One other kicker, (maybe again because it is Lion ?) is that when I go to sign out of iCloud or uncheck Documents and Data I get the same message as with Contacts and Calendars, i.e. siging out will cause you to loose your Documents and Data. So perhaps Lion was changed to handle Docs and Data the same as Contacts and Calendars... Unchecking Bookmarks seemed to work as you said, i.e. I didn't loose them in Safari on my Mac.


    Now I have to figure out how to save my Documents and Data back to my Mac and off of that iCloud account. That account is bad!! Once I got my Calendars back to 'on my mac" I no longer had any proiblems with inviting others to events which I did when running under that iCloud account.


    So, thanks. And, if you have any ideas on how to get my Docs and Data back down out of the clouds and off that corrupt iCloud account, you'd solve another problem for me!! Thanks again.

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    Well, I think I just found out that when iCloud talks about Documents and Data it something to do with iWork.... So, it doesn't look like it is referring to documents and data I have/create in MS Office, i.e.  Word, Excel.... so, I'm gonna uncheck it in iCloud....

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    You're correct that it won't affect MS Office as it doesn't use iCloud storage, however, you are not correct about Docs and Data just being related to iWork.  Although it not may affect you, lots of apps use iCloud for storing data. I have 13 apps that use it in my iCloud storage.

    Out of interest, when you say 'that corrupt iCloud account', what exactly do you mean?

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    I say corrupt because when I was logged into iCloud with that particular Apple ID, inviting someone to an event in iCal did not work. That's the last straw with that ID, and I didn't want to live without the ability to invite. 


    On this particular iCal problem, I went thru 2 levels of support over the phone and then the genius bar in a store. Bottom line was literally after hours of messing around, everything pointed to that ID signed into iCloud.


    Previously, I also had other wierd things happen with that ID, but they weren't show stoppers so I was living with them.  For instances, it wouldn't work with Apple Communities, so I had to set up another Apple ID so I could use them. And, the "corrupt" ID didn't want to let me change my password.... 


    I'm not a real technical guy, but have been around since 1401 days and know that things do get corrupted sometime, somehow......