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Hi everyone,


This has been a problem that I can't solve for ages now. Looked everywhere around the web and no one seems to have this problem.


Youtube vidoes are working fine when I'm actually on youtube but if its embedded on another website (facebook, forums etc.) it won't load. On forums, the space where the video is embedded is just blank while on facebook when I click play, there is just a white screen. Please help.


I've re-installed my flash player multiple times.

I've disabled all plug-ins and still won't work.

I've taken out my com.apple.safari plist onto my desktop and loaded my safari again.. still doesn't work...


My plugin list from safari:

- DivX Plus Web Player

- DivX VOD Helper Plug-in

- Facebook Video Calling

- GameTree Download Manager

- Glims

- Google earth plugin

- Java Applet plug-in

- Quicktime plug in 7.7.1

- sharepoint browser plug in

- shockwave flash

- silverlight plug-in

- webkit buit-in PDF


One bizzare thing...


Embedded youtube vidoes will load if I log-in as a guest user or as another user on my mac.


Running Mac 10.7.4

Safari 5.1.7.


Late 2011 model Macbook pro.

iOS 5