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i have the old imac g4, actually about 4 of them. My teacher left them to me for my club, but they are locked no one knows the password, nor do they have the cd's that came with it. I am unable to purchase anything online because i do not have a credit card, and underage. These computers run nice and smooth but its locked on student profile, and i dont have the admin password. I have tried several methods, but non seem to work. I am with computers on a daily basis but not on mac os computers. I tried downloading the mac os 9 on apple, but since its obsolete, theres non. i was planning to get mac os 1.4 (tiger) to run on it but is it supposed to be .dmg or .toast in order for t to recognize it? Please help, i would really like for these computes to come back to life and serve our student body. Our club has some people who do not have a computer, so i plan on fixing the iMacs so that i could give it to them. Thank you in advance.



-Locked only goes to student profile, no access to internet etc everything locked, needs admin password

-one of them runs mac os 9.2 (obsolete) the others i believe in the mac os 10 category.

-these were passed down and are old, yet runs pretty quick

iMac g4 (the one with round base), Mac OS 9.2.x, its